1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D)

Commonly known as DELTA FORCE.

Administered by USASOC, but operated by JSOC.


  • Operation Eagle Claw
  • Invasion of Grenada
  • United States Invasion of Panama
  • Gulf War
  • Somali Civil War
  • Operation Gothic Serpent
    • Battle of Mogadishu
  • Afghanistan War
    • Battle of Tora Bora
  • Iraq War
    • Operation Red Dawn
    • Objective Medford
    • Rescue of Roy Hallums

The majority of engagments that Delta Force are assigned, are classified.



The structure of Delta Force is based on the British Special Air Service's 'Sabre Squadron', each containing 75-85 troops.

These squadrons are divided into specialities, and operate in groups from 4 to 6 men.

  • A Squadron
  • B Squadron
  • C Squadron


Delta Force operatives are a secretive unit, allowing it's members to wear civilian clothing and have normal hair-styles and facial hair, in order to blend in as civilians a lot. When military uniforms are worn, they lack markings, surnames or branch names.

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