The 76mm Gun, M32 is an American tank gun.


M76 (T138E1)

76mm M32 in M76 mount design right

76mm Gun, M32 in Mount, M76

The Mount, M76 was used on the M41 and M41A2 gun tanks.

M76A1 (T138E2)

76mm M32 in M76A1 mount design right

76mm Gun, M32 in Mount, M76A1

The Mount, M76A1 was used on the M41A1 and M41A3 gun tanks.


Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot

76mm M32 APFSDS

Armor Piercing, Tracer, M339

76mm M32 AP-T M339
Casing M88 (T19E1) brass
Weight, complete round 12.4kg
Weight, projectile 6.6kg
Weight, casing 3.021kg
Muzzle velocity 975m/s
Maximum range 14,704m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 1034ft-longtons

Hyper Velocity, Armor Piercing, Tracer, M319 (T66E3)

76mm M32 HVAP-T M319
Casing M88 (T19E1) brass
Weight, complete round 8.8kg
Weight, projectile 3.2kg
Weight, casing 3.021kg
Muzzle velocity 1262m/s
Maximum range 9,885m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 847ft-longtons

Hyper Velocity, Armor Piercing, Discarding Sabot, Tracer, M331A2

76mm M32 HVAP-DS-T M331A2
Casing M88B1 (T19E1B1) brass
Weight, complete round 9.4kg
Weight, projectile 3.7kg
Weight, casing 2.822kg
Muzzle velocity 1257m/s
Maximum range 21,607m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 970ft-longtons

High Explosive, Anti-Tank, Tracer, M496

Casing M171E1 brass
Weight, complete round 9.3kg
Weight, projectile 3.2kg
Muzzle velocity 975m/s
Effective range 2,003m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 625ft-longtons

Canister, M363 (T3E7)

76mm M32 Canister M363
Type Canister
Casing M88 (T19E1) brass
Weight, complete round 12.3kg
Weight, projectile 6.8kg
Weight, casing 3.021kg
Shrapnel 909 steel balls
Muzzle velocity 884m/s
Maximum range 155m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 875ft-longtons

High Explosive, M352

76mm M32 HE M352
Type HE
Casing M88 (T19E1) brass
Weight, complete round 11.7kg
Weight, projectile 6.8kg
Weight, casing 3.021kg
Muzzle velocity 732m/s
Maximum range 14,338m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 574ft-longtons

High Explosive, MK404 IR Proximity Fuze (Air Defense)

76mm M32 HE MK404 IR Proximity Fuze Air Defense
Type HE?

Smoke, White Phosphorus, M361

76mm M32 WP M361
Type Smoke, WP
Casing M88 (T19E1) brass
Weight, complete round 11.7kg
Weight, projectile 7.1kg
Weight, casing 3.021kg
Muzzle velocity 732m/s
Maximum range 14,694m
Muzzle energy of Projectile 627ft-longtons

Smoke, White Phosphorus, M361A1

76mm M32 Smoke WP M361A1
Type Smoke, WP
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