The ASU-85 is a Soviet airborne self-propelled gun / tank destroyer based on the PT-76 chassis.


Early ASU-85 models were open-topped. Serial production was ordered for 1958, but the Ministry of Defense ordered for an armoured roof to be added. Series production started in 1961.


Object 573

Prototype in 1953.


Standard model.


1S91 radar vehicle, part of the 2K12 Kub system.


The GM-575 is a chassis based off the ASU-85 that the ZSU-23-4 used.


The GM-568 and GM-578 are chassis based off the ASU-85 that the 2P25 used.


The D-70 / 2A15 fires the same ammunition as the D-48.


Current Operators

Vietnam 1945-Present Vietnam

Former Operators

Germany East East Germany

The Nationale Volksarmee received 20 vehicles in 1964.

Poland 1928-1980 Poland

Ludowe Wojsko Polskie received 31 ASU-85s in 1966, all were assigned to the 35th Self-Propelled Artillery Squadron (Polish 35. Dywizjon Artylerii Samobieżnej) of the 6th Pomeranian Airborne Division (Polish: 6. Pomorska Dywizja Powietrzno-Desantowa). All were withdrawn in 1976.

Soviet Union 1955-1980 Soviet Union

The Soviet Airborne Forces operated the ASU-85 for a short time before being withdrawn.

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