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UK Weapons of the United Kingdom UK Warflag
During and prior to the Second World War
Infantry Weapons
Melee Weapons Bayonet [[]]
Survival Weapon [[]]
Sidearms Pistol Browning Hi-PowerM1911A1Welrod (Mk IMk II)
Revolver Colt New ServiceColt Official PoliceEnfield No 2 (Mk IMk I*Mk I**)S&W Model 10
Close Quarters Submachine Gun LanchesterM1 (A1)M1921M1928 (A1)PatchettSten (Mk IMk I*Mk IIMk IISMk IIIMk IVaMk IVbMk VMk VI)
Shotgun [[]]
Primary Weapons Assault Rifle [[]]
Bolt-Action Rifle De Lisle Carbine
Automatic Support Weapons Light Machine Gun BesalBren Gun
General Purpose Machine Gun Browning M1919
Heavy Machine Gun Browning M2
Long Range Anti-Materiel Rifle [[]]
Bolt-Action Rifle [[]]
Designated Marksman Rifle [[]]
Launchers Grenade Launcher (Attachment) [[]]
Grenade Launcher (Standalone) [[]]
Disposable Rocket Launcher [[]]
Rocket Launcher [[]]
Non-Lethal Weapons Pistol [[]]
Underwater Weapons Sidearm [[]]
Rifle [[]]
Explosives Anti-Personnel Mines [[]]
Anti-Tank Mines [[]]
Offensive Grenades [[]]
Smoke Grenades [[]]
Infantry Equipment
Clothing Backpacks [[]]
Body Armour [[]]
Bomb Suit [[]]
Elbow and knee pads [[]]
Signals & IFF [[]]
Suits [[]]
Vests & Webbing [[]]
Headwear Communication [[]]
Gas Masks & Rebreathers [[]]
Goggles [[]]
Helmets [[]]
Vehicle Headwear [[]]
Optics, Detection and Surveillance Man-Portable Radar [[]]
Mine Detectors [[]]
Night Vision Goggles [[]]
Periscopes [[]]
Rangefinders [[]]
Surveillance [[]]
Anti-Aircraft Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launchers [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles [[]]
Howitzers [[]]
Mortars [[]]
Railroad Artillery [[]]
Recoilless Guns [[]]
Rocket Artillery [[]]
Siege Artillery [[]]
Land Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Machine Guns BESABren GunBrowning M2Browning M1919FN MAGVickers Machine Gun
40mm Tank Guns QF 2pdr
47mm Tank Guns QF 3pdr
57mm Tank Guns Molins Class M GunQF 6pdr
70mm Tank Guns QF 12pdr
75mm Tank Guns QF 75mmVickers HV 75mm
76.2mm Tank Guns QF 15pdrQF 17pdrVickers HV 77mm
84mm Tank Guns QF 20pdr
87.6mm Tank Guns QF 30pdr
94mm Tank Guns QF 25pdr
114.3mm Tank Guns QF 55pdr
127mm Tank Guns BL 60pdr
 ??mm Tank Guns QF 28pdr
Howitzers 88mm 25pdr95mm QF127mm BL 60pdr
Vehicle Autocannon [[]]
ATGMs [[]]
Aircraft Weapons & Munitions
7.7mm Machine Guns Browning Mk.IIVickers EVickers K
12.7mm Machine Guns Browning AN/M2
20mm Cannons Hispano-Suiza HS.404Hispano Mk.II (Mk.V)OerlikonOerlikon FF (FLS)
40mm Cannons Vickers S
47mm Cannons Vickers P
Rockets RP-3
Bombs G.P. 250
Naval Weaponry
7.62mm Machine Guns [[]]
12.7mm Machine Guns [[]]
37mm Cannons QF 1pdrQF 1½pdr
40mm Cannons QF 2pdr