The Cruiser, Ram II (sometimes Ram Mk. II) is a Canadian cruiser tank developed during the Second World War.


Ram II (early)

Standard model.

Ram II (late)

The coaxial gun is mounted on a ball-mount, the side trap doors were removed, the front suspension was improved as well as the clutch. New air filters were installed, and the main gun was slightly longer and was fitted with a vertical stabilizer.

Canada 1921-1957 Canadian Land Vehicles of WWII Canada Warflag 1939-1944 - Tracked
Light Tanks Light Tank Light Mk VI (2pdr)Neno Light Tank
Medium Tanks Medium Tank Grizzly I (Ic)Ram IRam II (CSMk.3Mk.5)
Medium Tank, Flamethrowing Badger
Infantry Tank Valentine (VIVIIVIIA)
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyer 17pdr SP, SextonLight 5 Pounder TDRam/AchillesRam/M10
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun 37pdr SP, SextonAnubis 5.5" SPGRam III 32 Pounder SPGUniversal Carrier (2pdr)
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Skink
Self-Propelled Howitzer 25pdr SP, SextonBobcat 105mm SPH
Miscellaneous Ammunition Transport Ram Ammunition Carrier
Armoured Recovery Ram, ARV, Mk IRam, ARV, Mk II
Armoured Personnel Carrier Ram Kangaroo
Artillery Spotting/Observing Ram GPO
Command Ram OP
Transport & Towing Ram Gun Tower
Canada 1921-1957 Canadian Land Vehicles of WWII Canada Warflag 1939-1944 - Half-Tracks
Offensive / Defensive Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery M3 Halftrack Tulip
Other Transport & Towing M3 HalftrackM5 Halftrack (A1)
Canada 1921-1957 Canadian Land Vehicles of WWII Canada Warflag 1939-1944 - Wheeled
Offensive / Defensive Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars Fox (.50cal)HumfoxLynx (.50cal)Otter (.50cal)Wolf IWolf II
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 6x6 Chassis Double 20mm SPAA6x6 Chassis Quad 20mm SPAAFord F15A CMP 20mm PolstenFord F60B CMP BoforsFord F60L CMP Triple PolstenFord F60 CMP 4x20mm
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun 6x6 Chassis 17pdr SPGChevrolet Otter (AT)Ford Lynx (AT)
Self-Propelled Recoilless Gun M38A1C
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery Bren Carrier (15xPIAT)Ford 60cwt (18xPIAT)Grizzly MunusT17E1 RP-3 MattressT17E1 Tulip
Other Transport & Towing Ford F15A CMPFord F60 CMPFord F60B CMPFord F60L CMP
Staff Cars [[]]
Amphibious Transport & Towing [[]]
Motocycles [[]]

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