The Conway was an attempt to up-gun the Centurion with a 120mm gun mounted in a large turret, this vehicle was needed to counter the IS-3 and other heavily armoured Soviet heavy tanks. The FV4004 was to be an interim design until the Heavy, Conqueror was ready for service. The Conway was based on a Centurion Mk 3 chassis, which was slightly modified.


FV4004 Conway

This model.

FV4005 Stage I

Somewhat unrelated to the FV4004, the FV4005 was a similar project, but with an 183mm main gun. The stage I version did not have a turret, and the gun was open and had limited traverse.

FV4005 Stage II

Somewhat unrelated to the FV4004, the FV4005 was a similar project, but with an 183mm main gun. The stage II version was a fully enclosed turret with 360° traverse, however the turret armour was only 14mm thick.

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Bridge Laying FV203 AVRE(L)FV209FV223FV3901FV4002FV4016FV4205
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Radar, Observation or Other Detection FV436FV514

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