Finland in WWII

Treaded Vehicles

Light Tank

Some of these tanks were used for scouting.

Standard Light Tanks

Some of these tanks may be considered 'tankettes'

Amphibious Light Tanks

Flamethrowing Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Standard Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Standard Heavy Tanks

Self-Propelled Artillery (SPA)

Self-Propelled Gun (SPG) | Assault Gun

A tank (usually casemate) that fields a cannon like a howitzer, but is used more directly.

Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun (SPAA)

  • Landsverk Anti II

Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH)

  •  ?

Tank Destroyer | Tank Hunter

Recovery & Repair (ARV)

Transport & Towing

Armoured Personnel Carriers

Wheeled Vehicles

Armoured Car / Scout Car / Patrol Car

  • BA-10
  • Ford-A Izhorskiy (FAI)

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