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  • The 600th page added to this Wikia was the Vespa 150 TAP, a scooter with an M20 recoilless rifle. Used by the French during WWII.
  • The 650th page added was the kleines Kettenkraftrad, a German motorcycle half-track, capable of towing light guns and their crew. It is the lightest vehicle to use the complex Schachtellaufwerk roadwheel system.
  • The 700th page added was the Sturmpanzer, a German assault gun used during World War II.
  • The 750th page added was the SG-43 Goryunov, a Soviet medium machine gun developed during World War II and modified post war into the SGM, SGMT and SGMB.
  • The 800th page added was the Russian 1P63 collimator sight.
  • The 900th page added was the British Sherman VC.
  • The 1000th page added was the VK65.01(H). Happy 1000!
  • The 1100th page added was the Bergepanzer 38(t).


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