The Funksprechgerät (Fu Spr Ger) is a German vehicle radio.


Fu Spr Ger a

Fu Spr Ger b

Fu Spr Ger c

Fu Spr Ger d

Fu Spr Ger e

Fu Spr Ger f

German Radios of World War II
Infantry Radios
Feld FuG (a1bb1b2cfh)Kl FuG SprTorn FuG (abcd2fghik)
Land Vehicle Radios
DMG 2 TDMG 3 GDMG 3 KDMG 4a KDMG 5 KFuG 1FuG 2FuG 4FuG 5FuG 6FuG 7FuG 8FuG 10FuG 11FuG 12FuG 13FuG 15FuG 16FuG 37(t)Fu Spr Ger
Aircraft Radios
FuG 203 (b)FuG 230Kehl-Straßburg Radio Control Link

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