HK P11

HK P11

Heckler & Koch P11 Flare Pistol


The Heckler & Koch P11, is an underwater pistol designed during the 1970s.

It fires miniature solid-fueled rockets with fins.



1200g (42oz)

Length 200mm (7.9in)
Width 60mm (2.4in)

7.62x36mm, 100mm (3.9in) long,

Miniature solid-fuelled rocket with fins

Action Electric Actuated
Effective Range

Air: 30m (98ft)

Underwater: 10~15m (33~49ft)

Feed System 5 round, single loaded
Sights 14.6cm (5.7in) Between sights


  • Denmark; P11
  • France; P11
  • Germany; P11; German Commando Frogmen
  • Israel; P11
  • Italy; P11; Italian Navy COMSUBIN
  • Netherlands; P11
  • Norway; P11
  • United Kingdom; P11; Special Boat Service
  • United Kingdom; P11; British Royal Navy
  • United States; P11; SOCOM

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