Heckler & Koch P2000


The Heckler & Koch P2000 was designed in 2001, intended for use in law enforcement, paramilitary and commercial markets. It is based on the technology used in the HK USP. The P2000 improves on the USP Compact with better ergonomic characteristics, reducing uncomfortable recoil and allowing the user to regain accuracy faster.


  • P2000

Default Model.

  • P2000SK

'Sub Kompact', smaller and lighter.


Trigger Variants


CDA (Combat Defense Action) trigger system (SA/DA). Single-action trigger pull of 20 N (4.5 lbf) (+4/-2 N), double-action trigger pull – 51 N (11.5 lbf) (±5 N).


CDA trigger system (LEM). The LEM trigger is a dual-stage trigger that fires from a hammer down position in both SA and DA modes, but has an internal mechanism that is cocked with each cycle of the action. It provides a constant trigger pull of 20 N (4.5 lbf) (+4/-2 N).


CDA trigger system (LEM). Like P2000 V1 but with an increased trigger weight. The trigger pull is 32.5 N (7.3 lbf) (±2.5 N).


SA/DA trigger with a decocking lever mounted at the posterior of the slide to the left of the spurred hammer. Single-action trigger pull of 20 N (4.5 lbf) (+4/-2 N), double-action trigger pull – 51 N (11.5 lbf) (±5 N).


CDA trigger system (LEM). Like P2000 V1 and V2 but with a mid-range trigger pull of 27.5 N (6.2 lbf) (±2.5 N).


Double-action only (DAO) trigger system. Trigger pull of 36 N (8.1 lbf) (±3 N).


.357 SIG

  • P2000: 10 or 12 rounds
  • P2000SK: 9 rounds

.40 S&W

  • P2000: 10 or 12 rounds
  • P2000SK: 9 rounds

9x19mm Parabellum

  • P2000: 10 or 13 rounds
  • P2000SK: 10 rounds


  • Canada; P2000 V5; Correctional Service of Canada
  • Canada; P2000; Parks Canada Warden Service
  • Germany; P2000; Lower Saxony Police Force
  • Germany; P2000; Baden-Württemberg Police Force
  • Germany; P2000; Wasserschutzpolizei of Hamburg
  • Japan; P2000; Security Force
  • Switzerland; P2000SK; Swiss Border Guard (Grenzwachtkorps)
  • Switzerland; P2000SK; Swiss Federal Police
  • United States; P2000; U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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