The Hawker P.1005 is a British high-speed bomber was drawn up in 1940 and submitted to the Air Ministry in response to their Specification B.11/41 which requests for a high-speed high-altitude unarmed bomber capable of avoiding interceptors. It was cancelled as most of the excitement of the project died down after the de Havilland DH.99 proposal of a high speed jet bomber and lack of availability of the Napier Sabre IV engines which were prioritized for the Hawker Tempest II.

Only one incomplete mock up was constructed out of the two prototypes planed to be finished in 1942 when the project was cancelled.

Outfitting and Payload

The Hawker P.1005 was able to equip a retractable dorsal turret armed with quad mount .303 Browning Mark II's optional, the ability to retract the turret allowed the aircraft to maintain it's high speed and aerodynamics during flight when not under threat. Otherwise it's only defensive armament would be the nose dual .303 Browning mount traditional in most RAF Bombers at the time which the bombardier would control.

The Heavy Fighter variant of the aircraft would remove the gunner position in the nose in exchange for up to six 20mm Hispano Mark II cannons in exchange of it's bombardier and glazed nose for bombing.

The Hawker P.1005 was intended to carry up to 4,000lb of bombs including the 4,000lb HC Cookie bomb as well as other conventional bombs that was carried by other RAF bombers at the time period. However exact configurations outside of the single 4,000lb bomb is unknown.


Hawker P.1005 (High-speed high-altitude light bomber)

Hawker P.1005 (Heavy Bomber)

Hawker P.1005 (Bristol Centaurus)

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