The Horten Ho 229 (Sometimes called Gotha Go 229) was a prototype Jet Fighter/Bomber designed by Riemar and Walter Horten.

The Horten Ho 229 was the first jet-powered 'Flying Wing', it lacked rudders, it used it's air breaks to act as it's rudders. The majority of the wing contains fuel tanks, increasing the chance of extreme damage when attacked.

The majority of the wing sections are wood with metal framing.

The Horten Ho 229 contained two Junkers Jumo 109-004B-2 Turbojets within the center.

A Horten H.IX V2 flew against a Messerschmitt Me 262 multiple times, in a simulated dogfight (flying was real, no shooting though). Results of said dogfight confirmed that the Ho 229 out performs the Me 262.

The only surviving Ho 229 V3 is currently being assessed for restoration at Udvar-Hazy facility's restoration shops.


  • H.IX V1
  • H.IX V2
  • Ho 229 V3
  • Ho 229 V4
  • Ho 229 V5
  • Ho 229 V6
  • H.IXb | Ho 229 V7
  • Ho 229 A-0 (Production model, none built)
Horten Brothers Aircraft
Fighter/Bombers Horten H.IXHorten H.XHorten H.XIII BHorten Ho 229
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Gliders Horten H.XIII A
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Propeller Propulsion
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Naval Fighter Ar 197
Ground Attack Dive Bomber He 50 (BL)He 66Ar 81 (V1V2V3)Fi 98
Ground Attacker He 51 (C-1C-2)
Bomber Light Bomber He 45 (A-0B-0B-2C-0D-0)
Torpedo Bomber He 59E-1Fi 167Ar 195
Utility Reconnaissance He 45 (A-2B-1)He 50 (A)He 51B-2He 59 (B-3E-2)He 60 (ABB-3CDE)He 61Fw 62He 62Ar 95
Sport Bü 134
Trainer He 42 (CDE)Fw 44He 45A-1Fw 55WHe 59 (C-1D-1E-1E-2N-1)Ar 66 (abBC)Ar 69He 72 (A-0B-0B-1)He 74Ar 96Al 102WBü 131Bü 133He 172
Utility He 59 (A-1B-1B-2C-2D-1)
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Heavy Fighter Fw 57Ju 88 (C-1C-2C-3C-4C-5C-6H-2H-4)Bf 110Fw 187Me 210Ar 240Me 265Me 310Me 329Junkers Ju 388Me 410Ar 440Me 609
Interceptor Ta 152Me 409
Night Fighter Do 17 (Z-7Z-10)Ju 88 (C-6G-1G-6G-7R-0)Bf 110Ta 154Hü 211Junkers Ju 388
Ground Attack Dive Bomber Ar 81Ju 87 (A-0A-1A-2B-0B-1B-2C-0C-1D-1D-2D-3D-3/TropD-5D-7D-8R-1R-2R-2/TropR-3R-4)Ju 88Hü 136 Stubo 1Hü 136 Stubo 2Ju 187Me 210
Attacker Do 17Z-8Ju 87 (D-1D-3G-1G-2)Ju 88 (A-13P-1P-2P-3P-4P-5)Bf 110Me 210Me 329Me 410
Bomber Light Bomber Do 13 (CD)Do 17 (E-1E-2E-3L-1L-2M-0M-1Z-0Z-1Z-2Z-3Z-5Z-9)Do 23 (FG)He 70 (cE)Bf 162Fw 189
Medium Bomber Do 11 (CD)Fw 42Ju 52 (3mge3mg3e3mg4e3mg5e3mg6e3mg7e3mg8e3mg9e3mg10e3mg11e3mg12e3mg13e3mg14e)Ju 85Ju 86Ju 88 (A-0A-1A-2A-4A-5A-6A-8A-11A-14A-15B-0S-0S-1S-2S-3)Ju 188Fw 191Ju 288Junkers Ju 388Ar E.340Ar E.560Ju EF 61
Heavy Bomber Ju 89He 177Me 264Ju 488
Long-Range Bomber Bf 165Fw 200Ju 390
Maritime Bomber Fw 300Ta 400
Torpedo Bomber Do 22Ju 87 (D-4)Ju 88 (A-17)
Utility Glider Hü 17Hü 28BV 40Me 321Ju 322Ju EF 94
Medical Fw 58
Meteorological Fw 47 (CDE)
Reconnaissance Do 17 (F-1F-2L-0P-1P-2R-0R-1S-0U-1Z-3Z-6)Do 18 (DGN)Do 24Do 26 (C)Klemm Kl 31Kl 36He 46 (C-1D-0E-1E-2E-3)He 70 (cF-0F-1F-2)Ju 86Ju 88 (C-4D-1D-2D-3D-4D-5H-1H-3T-1T-3)Kl 151Bf 161Bf 163Ju 188Fw 189Ar 196Ar 198Fw 200Hü 211Ar 231Me 261Ju 290Fw 300Do 318Ju 388Ju 390Do 635Ju 635Ju EF 61
Sport Kl 32Kl 35Fi 99Kl 105Bf 108Bü 180Fi 253
Testbed / Engine Test Do 17 (J-1J-2)
Trainer Do 17Z-4Do 18HKl 25Kl 26Kl 31Kl 35He 46 (F-1F-2)Fw 56 (A-0A-1)Fw 58Ar 76Ar 77 (abAB)Ar 79Ju 87 (D-6)Ju 88 (A-3A-7A-12A-14)Ar 96 (A-0B-0B-1B-2C-0)Al 102LBf 108Bü 180Bü 181Bü 182Ar 199Ar 296Do 335 (V11A-10A-12)Ar 396 (A-1A-2)
Transport Ju 52Fw 58Ju 60Ju 86Ju 90Fi 97Kl 151Ju 160Fw 200Ar 232Ar 233Ju 252Ju 290Fw 300Me 323Fi 333Ju 352Ju 390Ar 432Ar 532Ar 632
Utility Do 12 (A)Do 14Fw 43Ju 46Ju 49Kl 107Fi 157Fi 158
Unknown Role Kl 33Kl 106Kl 152
Jet Propulsion
Fighters Fighters Bf 109TLTa 183Ho 229Me 262He 280Ta 283Me 328Ho H.IXHo H.XHo H.XIIIJu EF 126Me P.1079Me P.1095Me P.1101Me P.1106Me P.1111Me P.1112
Interceptors Fw Volksjäger 1Ju EF 128Me P.1079Me P.1092Me P.1099Me P.1110
Night Fighters Me 262Me P.1099
Ground Attack Dive Bombers [[]]
Ground Attackers Me P.1095Me P.1099
Bombers Light Bombers Me 262Me P.1095
Medium Bombers Ar 234Ju 287Ju EF 131Ju EF 132
Long-Range Bombers Ar E.555Ho H.XVIIIMe P.1108
Utility Gliders Ho H.XIII A
Guided Missiles Fi 103Fi 103RFi 103R-IFi 103R-IIFi 103R-IIIFi 103R-IVFi 103R-VFZG 76V 1
Reconnaissance Ar 234Me 262Me P.1095Me P.1099
Trainers Me P.1099
Unknown Role Ho 251Ho 253Ho H.IHo H.IIHo H.IIIHo H.IVHo H.VHo Ho.VIHo H.VIIHo H.VIIIHo H.XIHo H.XIVHo H.XVHo H.XVaHo H.XVcHo H.XVIHo Parabola
Rocket Propulsion
Fighters Fighters [[]]
Interceptors Ba 349He 176Me 163Ju 248Me 263Fw Volksjäger 2EF 127
Parasite Fighters Ar E.381
Bombers Long-Range Bombers [[]]
Utility Gliders [[]]
Unknown Role Ju 268
German Aircraft of WWII - Autogyros / Helicopters
Attackers Anti-Submarine Warfare Fa 223(A)
Utility Reconnaissance Fa 223(B)
Trainer Fa 223(E)
Utility Fa 61Fw 61Fw 186Fa 223 (CDZ)

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