The Churchill VII is another significant of the Churchill chassis, occasionally called the Heavy Churchill; this is due to being wider then the regular Churchill's as well as having a significant increase in armour.

The Churchill VII was the last significant variant of the Churchill, being the second most numerous variant in mass production. It was later redesignated to the A42 from 1945 onward.


See Infantry Mk IV, Churchill for variants.

Infantry Mk IV, Churchill VII AVRE

The Churchill VII AVRE was a post war AVRE vehicle based on the Churchill VII which is armed with a 165mm low velocity demolition gun that can fire HESH rounds with approximately 18.1kg of C4.

Infantry Mk IV, Churchill VII Crocodile

The Churchill VII Crocodile was a Hobart's Funnies modification of the Churchill VII which had exchanged the hull machine gun for a flamethrower and also carried an armoured trailer towed behind itself for the fuel supply with 1,800 litres of fuel. The Flamethrower could fire up to 110 to 140 meters.

Infantry Mk IV, Churchill VIII

The Churchill VIII is a Churchill VII with a different turret housing a 95 mm howitzer with 47 rounds of ammunition. This follows the trend of other Close support vehicles of the British which uses howitzers intended for infantry close support, capable of attacking enemy troops with high explosive rounds or with smoke rounds to cover friendly troops.

UK General Staff 'A' Vehicles - Tracked
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks A.4E1A.4E2A.4E3A.4E4A.4E5A.4E6A.4E7A.4E8A.4E9A.4E10A.4E13A.4E14A.4E15A.4E16A.4E17A.4E18A.4E19A.4E20A.5E1A.17E1A.18E1A.25E1A.46
Amphibious Light Tanks A.4E11A.4E12
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks A.2E1A.2E2A.3E1A.6E1A.6E2A.6E3A.8E1
Cruiser Tanks A.9E1A.10E1A.10E2A.10E3A.13E1A.13E2A.13E3A.13 Mk IA.13 Mk IIA.13 Mk IIIA.15E1A.19E1A.24E1A.27LA.27MA.28A.29A.30 ChallengerA.31A.32A.34A.35A.36A.41A.41*A.41AA.41SA.41TA.44
Infantry Tanks A.11E1A.12E1A.20E1A.20E2A.21E1A.22E1A.22FA.23E1A.26A.38A.42A.43
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks A.1E1 Vickers IndependentA.7E1A.7E2A.7E3A.45
Heavy Cruiser Tanks A.14E1A.14E2A.16E1
Heavy Assault Tanks A.33A.37A.39
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers A.30 Avenger
Self-Propelled Gun A.22D
UK Land Vehicles of WWII - Tracked
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks Carden-Loyd Mk VIILight Mk ILight Mk IALight Mk IILight Mk IIALight Mk IIBLight Mk II Indian Pattern No.1Light Mk II Indian Pattern No.2Vickers Carden-LoydLight Mk VII, TetrarchA18E1Light Mk VIII, Harry HopkinsFV301
Amphibious Light Tanks A4E11A4E12
Medium / Other Tanks Standard Medium Tanks Medium Mk IMedium Mk I CSA3E1Medium Mk IIMedium Mk IIIA8E1
Cruiser Tanks Cruiser Mk ICruiser Mk IICruiser Mk IIICruiser Mk IVCruiser Mk V, CovenanterCruiser Mk VI, CrusaderA19E1Cruiser Mk VII, CavalierCruiser Mk VIII, Centaur SeriesCentaur ICentaur IICentaur IIICentaur IV (CS)Cruiser Mk VIII, Cromwell SeriesCromwell ICromwell IICromwell IIICromwell IVCromwell VCromwell VI (CS)Cromwell VIICromwell VIII (CS)A28A29Cruiser Mk VIII, ChallengerA31A32A34A35A36Cruiser, Centurion ICruiser, Centurion IICruiser, Centurion 4Cruiser, CometSherman ICSherman IC HybridSherman IIICSherman IVCSherman VCSherman VIIC
Infantry Tanks Infantry Mk I, Matilda IInfantry Mk II, Matilda SeriesMatilda IIMatilda IIAMatilda II (CS)Matilda IIIMatilda III (CS)Matilda IVMatilda IV (CS)Valentine SeriesValentine IValentine IIValentine IIIValentine IVValentine VValentine VIValentine VIIValentine VIIAValentine VIIIValentine IXValentine XValentine XIA20E1A20E2A21E1Churchill SeriesChurchill IChurchill IIChurchill II (CS)Churchill IIIChurchill III AVREChurchill III NA75Churchill IVChurchill IV AVREChurchill IV NA75Churchill V (CS)Churchill VIChurchill VIIChurchill VII AVREChurchill VIIIChurchill IXChurchill IX LTChurchill XChurchill X LTChurchill XIChurchill XI LTA23E1A26Infantry, ValiantInfantry, Black Prince
Flamethrowing Tanks Churchill II OkeChurchill III OkeChurchill VII Crocodile
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks A1E1 Vickers IndependentA7E1A7E2A7E3Heavy, ConquerorHeavy, TOG 1Heavy, TOG 2Heavy, TOG 2*
Heavy Cruiser Tanks A14E1A14E2A16E1
Assault Tanks A.T.1A.T.2A.T.3A.T.4A.T.5A.T.6A.T.7A.T.7AA.T.8A.T.9A.T.10A.T.13A.T.14A.T.15A.T.15AA.T.16A.T.17A.T.18Heavy Assault, ExcelsiorA.37Heavy Assault, Tortoise
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Centaur, AA Mk ICentaur, AA Mk II
Self-Propelled Gun Gun Carrier, 3in, Mk I, Churchill
Self-Propelled Howitzer SP 25pdr, ArcherSP 25pdr, BishopSP 25pdr, Loyd
Tank Destroyers SP 6pdr, MolinsSP 17pdr, AchillesSP 17pdr, ArcherSP 17pdr, Avenger
Utility Bridge Laying Churchill III ARKChurchill IV ARK
Repair & Recovery Churchill I ARVChurchill II ARVChurchill III ARVChurchill IV ARV
Transport & Towing Churchill Kangaroo
Armoured Spotlight Churchill II, CDLGrant, CDLValentine, CDL
UK Land Vehicles of WWII - Half-Tracks
Tankettes Crossley-Martel TanketteMorris-Martel Tankette
Transport & Towing Crossley BGVM5 HalftrackM5A1 HalftrackM5A2 HalftrackM9 HalftrackM9A1 Halftrack
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Burford HalftrackM17 MGMC
UK Land Vehicles of WWII - Wheeled
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars AEC Mk IAEC Mk IIAEC Mk IIIDiamler Mk IDaimler Mk IIDaimler Dingo Mk IDaimler Dingo Mk IADaimler Dingo Mk IBDaimler Dingo Mk IIDaimler Dingo Mk III
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun AEC AA
Transport & Towing AEC Matador 0853Albion BY3NAustin 10Austin K2/YAustin K3/YFAustin K30Chevrolet 1.5 tonChevrolet 1311X3 15cwtChevrolet 1533X2 30cwtChevrolet C8Chevrolet Standard 40CMP Ford 8cwtFord 15cwtFord C8AFord F30Ford WOA2Humber FFWHumber FWDHumber Staff SaloonHumber Super SnipeWillys MB
Amphibious Transport & Towing Terrapin
Motorcycles Ariel W/NGBSA (W)M20Triumph-3HWTriumph-3SW

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