The JS 9 mm (Chinese: JS 9 mm冲锋枪 | Pinyin: JS 9 mm Chōngfēng Qiāng) is a Chinese bullpup submachine gun. It is the commercial export version of the QCW-05 but chambered for 9x19mm ammunition.

JS9 collection
China PeopleRepublicChina Weapons of the People's Republic of China China PLA
Infantry Weapons
Melee Weapons Shooting Knives QSB-91
Sidearms Pistols CF98CS/LP5QSW-67QSW-06QSZ-92QSZ-11Type-52Type-54 (-1)Type-59Type-64Type-64 SuppressedType-67 SuppressedType-77Type-84
Machine Pistols Type-80
Close Quarters Personal Defense Weapons Chang FengType-82
Submachine Guns CS/LS5CS/LS6JS9QCQ-05QCW-85QCW-05Type-64 SuppressedType-79Type-85 (Suppressed)
Shotguns (automatic) Hawk XY10LW-3
Shotguns (semi-automatic) HawkSF28WBLA-12QBS-09
Shotguns (pump-action) HawkPF26E2Hawk Type97-1
Primary Weapons Assault Rifles (5.56/5.8) CQQBZ-95QBZ-97QBZ-03 (Upgrade)Type-87ZH-05
Assault Rifles (7.62) / Battle Rifles CS/LR14Type-56Type-63Type-82 (-1)Type-86
Carbines QBZ-95B-1QBZ-03 Carbine
Automatic Support Weapons Light Machine Guns QBB-95 (-1)QBB-97
General Purpose Machine Guns QJY-88Type-53Type-57Type-67Type-80
Heavy Machine Guns QJG-02QJZ-89Type-77Type-85W85
Long Range Anti-Materiel Rifles AMR-2JS 05M99 (B)M06QBU-10
Bolt-Action Rifles CS/LR3CS/LR4JS 7.62
Designated Marksman Rifles QBU-88QBU-09Type-79Type-85
Launchers Grenade Launchers (Attachment) QLG-10 (A)
Grenade Launchers (Standalone) LG3LG4LG5LG6QLB-06QLU-11QLZ-87QLZ-04ZH-05
Disposable Rocket Launcher PF-89
Rocket Launchers FHJ-84PF-97PF-98
Underwater Weapons Assault Rifles QBS-06

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