The K2 Black Panther is a 4th Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT) made by Hyundai Rotem Company in South Korea.


Minor Details

Produced: 2013~

In service: 2014~

Unit Cost: 7.8 billion ₩ ($8.5 million USD)

Crew: 3;

Commander, gunner and driver.


Classified type of composite armour with ERA & NERA modular addon armour

Soft-kill & Hard-kill anti-missile defense systems.

Engine and other systems

Engine: 4-cycle, 12-cylinder water-cooled diesel @ 1500hp (1100kW)

Suspension: In-arm Suspension Unit

Power/weight: 27.2hp/tonne

Operational Range: 450km (280mi)

Top Speed:

Road: 70km/h (43mph)

Offroad: 50km/h (31mph)


Main Cannon

120mm Smoothbore Cannon

Coaxial Weaponry

7.62mm Machine Gun

Pintle Weaponry

12.7mm K6 Heavy Machine Gun


  • XK2 (Experimental Model)
  • K2 (Production Model)
  • K2 PIP (Product Improvement Program)


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