The Karabiner 98k (abbreviated Kar 98k or K 98k), is a German bolt-action rifle adopted in 1935 by the German Army, it remains in reserve service around the world. The 'k' in its designation stands for Kurz (short).


See Gewehr 98 for the base model variants.

Karabiner 98k Kriegsmodell

In late 1944 K 98k production began transition to the Kriegsmodell variant, which was simplified to increase production rate. It lacked cleaning equipment, and a bayonet lug among other things. Some factories never changed production to the Kriegsmodell variant.

Sniper Variant

Some Karabiner 98k rifles when tested were selected for exceptional accuracy, and were thus fitted with telescopic sights. An effective range of up to 1000m was to be expected by a skilled sniper. The K 98k was not designed to fit scopes, and a skilled armourer would have to machine mounts for them. Approximately 132,000 of these rifles were produced.

Scopes mounted on these rifles include;

  • ZF39 Zeiss Zielvier 4x
  • ZF42 Ajack 4x
  • ZF42 Ajack 6x
  • ZF42 Hensoldt Dialytan 4x
  • ZF42 Kahles Heliavier 4x
  • ZF42 Zeiss Zielsechs 6x
  • ZF42 Ziess Zielacht 8x

Paratrooper Variant

A shorter variant of the K 98k. Some models had folding stocks (Klappschaft) and detachable barrels (Abnehmbarer Lauf) an were produced at Mauser in Oberndorf.

Gewehr 40k

A slightly shorter length K98k. At least 82 made.


Minor Accessories

A standard K 98k would come with a Reinigungsgerät 34 (Cleaning Kit 34), a sling and a muzzle cover.


The K 98k was designed to be used with an S84/98 III bayonet. The bayonet had a blade length of 252mm and an overall length of 385mm and was accompanied by a bayonet frog.

Rifle Grenade Launcher

In 1942 an attachable rifle 30mm grenade launcher known as Gewehrgranatengerät or Schießbecher. The Schießbecher could be mounted on the K 98a, G 98/40, StG 44 and FG 42.


A removable, muzzle mounted HUB-23 suppressor, visually resembling the Schießbecher was manufactured for the K 98k. The HUB-23 weighs 0.5kg and is 180mm long. The suppressor required a special subsonic ammunition that was manufactured, Nahpatrone, with a reduced load ammunition. The muzzle velocity was 220m/s and the effective range was 300m. The sound reduction was approximately 75%. The HUB-23 were mainly used by special forces units such as the Brandenburgers, and snipers.

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Grenade Launchers Sturmpistole
Flare Guns LP-42
Rifle Grenade Launchers GewehrgranatengerätGrB 39Scheißbecher
Anti-Personnel Grenades M24M24KM24TM39M43
Anti-Tank Grenades Hafthohlladung 3Hafthohlladung 3Panzerwurfmine
Smoke Grenades Blendkörper 2HNebelhandgranate 39Nebelkerze 39
Disposable Rocket Launchers Faustpatrone 30FliegerfaustPanzerfaust 30Panzerfaust 60Panzerfaust 100Panzerfaust 150Panzerfaust 250
Rocket Launchers RPzB 43RPzB 54RPzB 54/1
Flamethrowers Einstossflammenwerfer 46Flammenwerfer 35Flammenwerfer 41
Anti-Personnel Mines Glasmine 43Schrapnellmine 35Schrapnellmine 35Schrapnellmine 44Stockmine 43
Anti-Tank Mines Hohlladungs-Spring-Mine 4672Panzer-Stabmine 43Sprengriegel-Mine 43Sprengriegel-Mine 44Tellermine 29Tellermine 35Tellermine 42Tellermine 43Topfmine 4531Topfmine A4531Topfmine B4531Topfmine C4531
Infantry Mortars 5cm leGrW 368cm GrW 348cm GrW 429cm GrW 309(j)12cm GrW 42
Anti-Aircraft Guns 2cm FlaK 302cm FlaK 382cm Flakvierling 382cm GebFlaK 383,7cm FlaK 183,7cm FlaK 363,7cm FlaK 373,7cm FlaK 435cm FlaK 415cm Gerät 2415,5cm Gerät 587,62cm FlaK 38(r)7,65cm FlaK 268/1(ö)8,8cm FlaK 188,8cm FlaK 368,8cm FlaK 378,8cm FlaK 38(r)8,8cm FlaK 418,8cm Gerät 4210,5cm FlaK 3810,5cm FlaK 3910,5cm SK C/3312,8cm FlaK 4012,8cm Flakzwilling 4012,8cm FlaK 4515cm FlaK 5015cm FlaK 5515cm FlaK 60 (F)15cm FlaK 6524cm Gerät 8024cm Gerät 85
Anti-Tank Guns 2,5cm PaK 112(f)2,5cm PaK 113(f)2,8cm sPzB 413,7cm PaK 183,7cm PaK 363,7cm PaK 37(t)3,7cm PaK 156(j)4,2cm PaK 414,5cm PaK 184(r)4,7cm PaK 38(t)4,7cm PaK 181(f)5cm PaK 385cm Gerät 2415,7cm PaK 202(a)5,7cm PaK 209(e)7,5cm PaK 97/387,5cm PaK 397,5cm PaK 407,5cm PaK 417,5cm PaK 427,5cm PaK 447,5cm PaK 507,62cm PaK 36(r)7,62cm PaK 39(r)8cm PAW 6008,8cm PaK 4312,8cm PaK 4012,8cm PaK 44
Field Guns 7,5cm FK 16 nA7,5cm FK 187,5cm FK 387,5cm FK 7M857,62cm FK 296(r)7,62cm FK 297(r)7,65cm FK 5/8(j)7,65cm FK 5/8(ö)7,65cm FK 5/8(t)7,65cm FK 17(ö)7,65cm FK 17(t)7,65cm FK 268(i)7,65cm FK 300(j)7,65cm FK 303(j)8cm leFK 18(ö)10cm K 1710cm sK 1810,5cm sK 18/4010,5cm K 320(i)10,7cm K 352(r)12,2cm K 390/1(r)12,2cm K 390/2(r)15cm K 1615cm K 1815cm K 3915cm K 429(b)15cm SK C/2815,2cm K 15/16(t)15,2cm K 410(i)15,2cm K 433/2(r)17cm K 18
Howitzers 10cm leFH 14(ö)10cm leFH 315(i)10cm leFH 315(j)10,5cm leFH 1610,5cm leFH 1810,5cm leFH 18M10,5cm leFH 18/4010,5cm leFH 4312,2cm leFH 386(r)12,2cm leFH 388(r)12,2cm sFH 396(r)15cm sFH 1315cm sFH 14(ö)15cm sFH 14(t)15cm sFH 1815cm sFH 4015,2cm sFH 443(r)15,2cm sFH 445(r)21cm Mrs 1621cm Mrs 1821cm Mrs 18/19(t)
Infantry & Mountain Guns 7,5cm leIG 187,5cm IG 377,5cm IG 427,5cm GebH 347,5cm GebH 367,5cm GebK 259(i)7,62cm GebK 293(r)7,62cm GebK 307(r)7,62cm IKH 290(r)10cm GebH 16(ö)10cm GebH 16(t)10cm GebH 316(i)10,5cm GebH 4015cm sIG 33
Mortars 10cm NbW 3510cm NbW 4012cm GrW 4220cm leLdgW21cm GrW 6928cm Mrs 601(f)38cm sLdgW
Railroad Artillery 15cm K (E)15cm K 5M (E) (Ku)17cm K (E)20,3cm K (E)21cm K 12 (E)24cm Th K (E)24cm ThBr K (E)28cm kzBr K (E)28cm lgBr K (E)28cm sBr K (E)28cm Br NK (E)28cm K 5 (E)38cm Siegfried K (E)80cm K (E) Gustav
Recoilless Guns 7,5cm LG 4010,5cm LG 4010,5cm LG 42
Rocket Artillery 7,3cm Föhn-Gerät7,3cm Propagandawerfer 418cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer8,8cm RW 4315cm Do-Gerät15cm NbW 4121cm NbW 4228/32cm NbW 4130cm NbW 4230cm RW 56Wurfrahmen 40
Siege Artillery 21cm K 3821cm K 3924cm H 3924cm K 16(t)24cm K 324cm K 428cm H30,5cm Mrs 11(t)30,5cm Mrs 638(j)35,5cm H M142cm Gamma Mrs60cm Karl-Gerät
Land Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Machine Guns MG 13MG 34MG 35(t)MG 37(t)MG 42
Standard Tank Guns 3,7cm KwK 363,7cm KwK 38(t)5cm KwK 385cm KwK 397,5cm AK 7 B 847,5cm KwK 377,5cm KwK 407,5cm KwK 427,5cm KwK 448,8cm KwK 368,8cm KwK 4312,8cm KwK 44Waffe 0725
Standard Assault Guns 7,5cm StuK 40
Other Cannons Mounted on Vehicles 2,5cm PaK 112(f)4,7cm PaK 36(t)5cm PaK 387,5cm PaK 397,5cm PaK 407,5cm PaK 427,5cm RfK 4376,2cm PaK 36(r)8cm PAW 6008,8cm PaK 4312,8cm Kanone 43
Anti-Aircraft Guns Mounted on Vehicles 2cm FlaK 302cm FlaK 383cm FlaK 103/38 Vierling3,7cm FlaK 373,7cm FlaK 445,5cm Gerät 588,8cm FlaK 36
Vehicle Autocannon 2cm KwK 302cm KwK 38MK 103MK 112EW 141
Spotlights 60cm Beobachtungs Gerät 1251
Aircraft Weapons & Munitions
Aircraft Machine Guns MG 15MG 17MG 81MG 131
Aircraft Cannons below & including 30mm C/30MG FFMG FF/MMG 151/15MG 151/20MG 213CMG 213KMK 101MK 103MK 103MMK 108
Aircraft Cannons above 30mm BK 3,7BK 5BK 7,5Düsenkanone 8,8MK 112MK 115SG 116SG 500
Aircraft Rockets & Missiles Henschel Hs 293Henschel Hs 298Kramer Rk 344 X-4R4MRuhrstahl Ru 344 X-4Werfer-Granate 21
Aircraft Bombs, High Explosive PD 500PD 1000SB 1000SB 1800SB 2500SC 10SC 50SC 250SC 500JSC 500SC 1000SC 1800SC 2000SC 2500
Aircraft Bombs, Anti-Personnel - Splitterbomben SD 1SD 2SD 4/HLSD 4/HL RSSD 9/HLSD 10SD 50SD 70SD 250SD 500SD 500ASD 500ESD 1400SD 1700
Aircraft Bombs, Armour-Piercing - Panzersprengbombe-Cylindrisch PC 500PC 1000PC 1400PC 1600PC 1800 RS