The FuG 203 is a radio-guidance system powered by an electric generator. It was used in the Henschel Hs 298.

German Radios of World War II
Infantry Radios
Feld FuG (a1bb1b2cfh)Kl FuG SprTorn FuG (abcd2fghik)
Land Vehicle Radios
DMG 2 TDMG 3 GDMG 3 KDMG 4a KDMG 5 KFuG 1FuG 2FuG 4FuG 5FuG 6FuG 7FuG 8FuG 10FuG 11FuG 12FuG 13FuG 15FuG 16FuG 37(t)Fu Spr Ger
Aircraft Radios
FuG 203 (b)FuG 230Kehl-Straßburg Radio Control Link

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