Ships in Class

HMS King George V (41)

HMS Prince of Wales (53)

HMS Duke of York (17)

HMS Anson (79)

HMS Howe (32)

King George V-Class Battleships
United Kingdom naval ship classes of World War II
Aircraft Carrier CourageousArgus(S) • Hermes(S) • Eagle(S) • Ark Royal(S) • IllustriousUnicornImplacableColossusMajestric(P) • Audacious(P) • Malta(X) • Centaur
Escort Carriers Archer(ACS) • Audacity(CS) • Avenger(AC) • Attacker(A) • Ruler(A) • Activity(CS) • Pretoria Castle(CS) • Nairana(C)
Battleships Queen ElizabethRevengeNelsonKing George VLion(X) • Vanguard(PS)
Battlecruisers RenownHMS Hood (51)(S)
Heavy Cruisers HawkinsCountyYork-Class Cruiser
Light Cruisers CDanaeEmeraldLeanderArethusaTownDidoCrown ColonyMinotaur
Minelayers Adventure(S) • AbdielPlover(S) • LinnetAgamemnon(CS) • Menestheus(CS) • Port Napier(CS) • Port Quebec(CS) • Southern Prince(CS) • Teviot Bank
Destroyer Leaders ThornycroftAdmiralty
Destroyers RSAdmiralty VAdmiralty WAdmiralty Mod. W(C) • Thornycroft VThornycroft WThornycroft mod. W(C) • Town(A) • Ambuscade(S) • Amazon(S) • ABCDEFGHITribalJK-Class DestroyerHuntLMNOPQRSTUVWZCBattleWeapon(P) • G(X) • Daring-Class Destroyer (1949)(DP)
Frigates RiverCaptain(A) • Colony(A) • LochBay
Corvettes FlowerCastle
Sloops 24BridgewaterHastingsBanff(A) • ShorehamGrimsbyKingfisherBitternEgretBlack Swan
Minesweepers HuntHalcyonBangorAuk(A) • AlgerineCybele
Submarines HLOdinParthianRainbowSRiverGrampusTUP611VAmphionXXE
Trawlers IslesPortugueseTree
Monitors ErebusRoberts
Seaplane Carriers PegasusAlbatross
A: American • C: Conversion • D: Designed during the war but not built • P: Completed post-war • S: Single ship of class • X: Cancelled

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