The L131A1 is a British semi-automatic pistol. It is based on the Glock 17.

British Armed Forces, Small Arms (In Service)
Machine Guns FN M3MGeneral Electric M134L7A1L86A2L108A1L110A1L110A2L111A1M60D
Pistols L47A1L105A1L105A2L107A1L117A1L131A1
Service Rifles L22A2L85A2L100A1L119A1L119A1 CQB
Shotguns L74A1L128A1
Sniper Rifles & Anti-Materiel Rifles HK 417L82A1L115A1L115A3L118A1L121A1L129A1
Submachine Guns HK MP5A3HK MP5SD1HK MP5SD2HK MP5SD3L80A1L90A1L91A1L92A1
British Armed Forces, Small Arms (Out of Service)
Machine Guns Browning .303 Mk IBrowning M2HBBren Mk IBren Mk IIBESAL4A4L86A1Lewis GunMaximVickers Machine GunVickers K
Pistols L9A1L9A1 DSL66A1L102A1
Revolvers Colt 1851 Navy RevolverColt M1911Colt New ServiceColt Official PoliceEnfield Mk I RevolverEnfield Mk II RevolverEnfield No 2 Mk I RevolverSmith & Wesson Hand Ejector Mk ISmith & Wesson Hand Ejector Mk IISmith & Wesson VictoryWebley .455 Mk IWebley .455 Mk IIWebley .455 Mk IIIWebley .455 Mk IVWebley .455 Mk VWebley .455 Mk VIWebley & Scott Mk IWelrod Mk IWelrod Mk II
Service Rifles Baker RifleBrown Bess MusketColt M16Colt M16A1Colt M16A2Colt Model 733Diemaco C7Enfield EM-2Enfield Pattern 1853L1A1 SLRL85A1L101A1Martini-Henry Mk IMartini-Henry Mk IIMartini-Henry Mk IIIMartini-Henry Mk IVM1917 EnfieldSA80L119A1 CQBLee-Enfield Mk ILee-Enfield No 1 Mk III*Lee-Enfield No 4 Mk ILee-Enfield No 5 Mk IPattern 14 EnfieldSnider-Enfield Mk ISnider-Enfield Mk IISnider-Enfield Mk IIIXL64E5XL65E4
Shotguns L32A1
Sniper Rifles & Anti-Materiel Rifles BoysL42A1L96A1
Submachine Guns L2A1L2A2L2A3L34A1Lanchester Mk ILanchester Mk I*M1928 ThompsonM1928A1 ThompsonSten Mk ISten Mk IISten Mk IISSten Mk IIISten Mk VSten Mk VI
British Armed Forces, Explosives (In Service)
Hand Grenades L109A1
Launchers FGM-148 JavelinL2A1 ASML17A1L34A1L67A1L72A1L104A1L123A2L142A1L111A1K170A2Starstreak HVMStarstreak LML
Mines M18A1 Claymore
British Armed Forces, Explosives (Out of Service)
Hand Grenades No 5 Mills BombNo 23 Mills BombNo 36 Mills BombNo 36M Mills Bomb
Launchers Federal M201-ZFIM-92A StingerPIATL1A1 LAWLAW 80M79 Grenade LauncherM203 Grenade LauncherMILANMk 19Schermuly Multi-Purpose GunWebley Flare Gun No 1 Mk I

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