Springfield Armory's M14.


The M14 was the last American Battle Rifle issued to the US Military. The M14 is the base for the M21 and M25.

The M14 is a select-fire automatic rifle.


  • M14
  • M15 - BAR replacement
  • M14E1
  • M14A1
  • M14M
  • M14NM
  • M14 SMUD
  • Mk 14 EBR
  • M14 Tactical
  • M14 Designated Marksman Rifle
  • M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle
  • M89SR
  • AWC G2A Sniper Rifle
  • M21 Sniper Rifle
  • M25 Sniper Rifle
  • Armscorp M14
  • CAR 14
  • Federal Ordnance M14
  • Federal Ordnance M14A
  • Federal Ordnance M14SA
  • Federal Ordnance M14CSA
  • La France Specialties M14K
  • NORINCO M305
  • Polytech M14
  • Polytech M14S
  • M1A

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