The M197 Electric Cannon, is a tri-barreled electric Gatling-type Rotary Cannon used by the United States Military.


Various mounts and subsystems.

Helicopter Armament Subsystems

  • M97
  • A/A49E-7


  • GPU-2/A


United States of America


Italian Army



Developed From

M197 Models

  • M168 (AA Gun)
  • M197



Designation Type Projectile Weight [g] Bursting Charge Muzzle Velocity [m/s] Description
M53 API ? 4.2g Incendiary 1030 Penetration 6.3 mm RHA at 0-degree impact and 1000-m range.
M56A3/A4 HEI 102 9g HE (RDX/wax/AI) and 1.5g Incendiary 1030 Nose fuzed round, no tracer. Effective radius to produce casualties to exposed personnel 2 meters, fragmentation hazard out to 20 meters. Penetration 12.5 mm RHA at 0 degree obliquity at 100m range.
M242 HEI-T ? ? ? Similar to M56 series of HEI rounds, but with a tracer element.
M246 HEI-T 102 8g HE ? Nose fuzed tracer round fired by M168 AA gun, self-destruct after 3 to 7 seconds of flight due to tracer burn-through.
M940 MPT-SD 105 9g A-4/RDX/wax 1050 Multi-purpose fuzeless round, HE charge is initiated by the incendiary charge on the nose on impact. Self-destruct due to tracer burn-through. Penetration 12.5 mm RHA at 0 degree impact at 518 m range, or 6.3 mm at 60 degrees and 940 m.

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