M203 Grenade Launcher



The M203 loads 40x46mm grenades.

These rounds are specifically designed by the US Military for the M203 and M320 launcher.

  • M381 (HE)
  • M386 (HE)
  • M406 (HE)
  • M441 (HE)
  • M433 (HEDP)
  • M576 (Buckshot)
  • XM1060 (Thermobaric)
  • M583A1 (Star Parachute Flare)
  • M585 (White Star Cluster Flare)
  • M661 (Green Star Cluster Flare)
  • M662 (Red Star Cluster Flare)
  • M651 (CS Gas)
  • M676 (Yellow Smoke Canopy)
  • M680 (White Smoke Canopy)
  • M682 (Red Smoke Canopy)
  • M713 (Red Ground Marker)
  • M714 (White Ground Marker)
  • M715 (Green Ground Marker)
  • M716 (Yellow Ground Marker)
  • M781 (Practice)
  • M992 (Infra-Red Illumination)
  •  ? (Non-Lethal)
  •  ? (Sponge Grenade)

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