M26A1 Pershing

M26A1 Pershing (Belgium)

The Medium Tank, M26 is an American medium tank developed to replace the Sherman tank.


Medium Tank, T26

Medium Tank, T26E1

Medium Tank, T26E2

Medium Tank, T26E3

Medium Tank, T26E3 (2 x .50 cals)

Medium Tank, T26E4

Medium Tank, T26E5

Medium Tank, M26

Medium Tank, M26 with T99

Medium Tank, M26A1

Medium Tank, M26E1

Medium Tank, M26E2


Armoured recovery variant.


T26E1 with reinforced armour to counter mines.


Self propelled 155mm or 203mm based on T26E1.

240mm Howitzer Motor Carriage, T92

Self propelled 240mm M1.

8-inch Gun Motor Carriage, T93

Self propelled 203mm on T26E3.

Medium Tank, M46

M46 Patton I.

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