Nexter's PAPOP (PolyArme PolyProjectiles, multi-projectile multi-weapon)

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The PAPOP is in prototype stage.

The PAPOP combines a 35mm Grenade launcher and FAMAS into one rifle, that allows intergration with the FÉLIN system.

FN Herstal is assisting with the design of this weapon.


  • PHASE 1
  • PHASE 2


  1. Assault Rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.
  2. 35mm Grenade Launcher.
  3. Orientable Screen.
  4. Camera.
  5. Laser Designator, and Telemeter.
  6. Batteries and Computer.
  7. Weapon Selector

The targeting system includes night vision, a laset telemeter, an IFF, and a targeting computer which also programmes the grenades prior to launch.

5.56x45mm NATO Assault Rifle Specs

35mm Grenade Launcher Specs

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