The Renault D-1 is a French medium tank used in a infantry support role.


Renault NC1

Renault NC2

Renault D-1

Renault D-2

French Land Vehicles of WWII - Tracked
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks AMX-38Batignolles-Châtillon 1935Citröen P103FAMHFCM-36Hotchkiss H-35 (ré-armé)Hotchkiss H-38Hotchkiss H-39Renault APX 6tRenault FT-31Renault R-35Renault R-40
Light Cavalry Tanks AEM Fast Tank
Amphibious Light Tanks DP-2
Combat / Recon Tankettes Renault ACG-1Renault AMC-34Renault AMC-34/YRRenault AMC-35Renault AMR-33Renault ADF-1Renault AMR-35 YS-1Renault AMR-35 YS-2Renault AMR-35 ZT 1Renault AMR-35 ZT 2Renault AMR-35 ZT 4
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks AMX-39AMX Tracteur BRenault B1 (bister)Renault D-1Renault D-2Renault D-3Renault G1R
Medium Cavalry Tanks AMX-40Somua S-35Somua S-40
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks AMX Tracteur C (1939)AMX Tracteur C (1940)ARL 1937 Variante CARL 1937 Variante SARL 1937 Variante VARL-40ARL-44FCM 1AFCM 2C (bis)FCM F1
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns Lorraine 37L with MG
Tank Destroyers AEM Tank DestroyerChar d'ArrêtLorraine 37L Tank DestroyerRenault ACG-2Renault AMR-33 Engin PRenault AMR-35 ZT 3Renault FT ACSomua SAu-40
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun 75 Garnier-RenaultACL-135ARL V 39Renault BS
Self-Propelled Howitzer Lorraine 39L AM
Other Fully Tracked Vehicles Transport & Towing Lorraine 37LLorraine 38LRenault UESeam
French Land Vehicles of WWII - Halftracks
Bridgelayers 1939 Somua Bridgelayer
Combat Cars Panhard-Schneider P16Citroën-Kégresse P28
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns Citroën-Kégresse P4TCitroën-Kégresse P19
Transport & Towing 1923 Peugoet-KégresseCitroën-Kégresse P17MCL 5Unic P107
French Land Vehicles of WWII - Wheeled
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars A.E. Saurer Armoured CarAMC WhiteAMX 38 Panhard 178AMX 40 Panhard 178FromagetGendron AM39-PLaffly 50Laffly AMD80Laffly S15LaRochelle 1945Panhard 1926Panhard 1928Panhard 165/175Panhard AM20CVPanhard CDM 178Renault 1929Renault Armoured CarRenault SK 1928Schneider-Laurent
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns Berliet VPHBerliet VPMBerliet VPR2Chevrolet 15cwt Quad-13.2Citroën C45 with 25mm CA mle 39GMC ACKRenault Quad-13.2
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guns Laffly W15 TCC 1940
Self-Propelled Artillery Laffly S15T
Transport & Towing Berliet 4x4 UDB-4Berliet 4x4 VUDBBerliet 4x4 VUBBerliet 4x4 VUD-B4Berliet 4x4 VUMBerliet 6x6 VPDMBernardCitroën Type 23Citroën Type 45Laffly 34SALaffly S15RLaffly V15RLaffly V15TLatil B1Latil B6Latil FTARHLatil M2TZLatil M7Z1PanhardPeugeotRenault ADHRenault AGC-3Renault AGKRenault AGRRenault AHNRenault AHSTT4

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