Russian tank development used the term 'object' followed by a number to categorize prototypes.


Russian Objects
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks 211126127
Amphibious Light Tanks 740760906
Amphibious Light Tanks 149911914
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks 136137 (R/Sh/G/G2/M/ML)139140155 (M/A/AM/AD/AD-1/MV/MV-1/AMV/AMV-1/M5/M6/ML)176234416907
Main Battle Tank 140148165166 (D, D, D-1, K, KN, M, M-1, M1, M1-1, M1-2, M1-2-1, M1V, M1V-1, MK, MK-1, MV, MV-1)167 (T)187195292430 (U)432 (R)434436437438439446447 (A, AM-1, AM-2)477640785
Main Battle Tank, ATGM 150431775
Main Battle Tank, Command Object 446B
Main Battle Tank, Flamethrower 481482483
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks 220221222223224225227229230231237239244245248252252U253257258259260266272277278430U701 (1/2/5)703730 (A/B/BK)Object 734 (MK)770777
ATGM Heavy Tanks 279282757
Flamethrower Heavy Tanks 226232
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns 500
Tank Destroyers 138250251573600
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun 108236241268704
Self-Propelled Howitzer 212261263
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery 280
Misc Armoured Recovery 152447T
Artillery Observation 610
Bridge Layer / Carrier 602
Combat Engineering 616

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