Russian tank development used the term 'object' followed by a number to categorize prototypes.


Russian Objects
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks 211126127
Amphibious Light Tanks 740760906
Infantry Fighting Vehicles 149914
Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicles 764765911
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks 136137 (R/Sh/G/G2/M/ML)139140155 (M/A/AM/AD/AD-1/MV/MV-1/AMV/AMV-1/M5/M6/ML)176234416907
Main Battle Tank 140148165166 (D, D, D-1, K, KN, M, M-1, M1, M1-1, M1-2, M1-2-1, M1V, M1V-1, MK, MK-1, MV, MV-1)167 (T)172 (M)187195292430 (U)432 (R)434436437438439446447 (A, AM-1, AM-2)477640785
Main Battle Tank, ATGM 150431775
Main Battle Tank, Command Object 446B
Main Battle Tank, Flamethrower 481482483
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks 220221222223224225227229230231237239244245248252252U253257258259260266272277278430U701 (1/2/5)703730 (A/B/BK)Object 734 (MK)770777
ATGM Heavy Tanks 279282757
Flamethrower Heavy Tanks 226232
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns 500
Tank Destroyers 138250251573600
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun 108236241268704
Self-Propelled Howitzer 212261263
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery 280
Misc Armoured Recovery 152447T
Artillery Observation 610
Bridge Layer / Carrier 602
Combat Engineering 616