SilencerCo is a company that manufactures Suppressors


Flash Hiders

  • SPECWAR 5.56 Trifecta RS Flash Hider
  • SPECWAR 7.62 Trifecta RS Flash Hider
  • SAKER Trifecta RS Flash Hider

Muzzle Breaks

  • SPECWAR 5.56 Muzzle Break

Suppressor Replacement Parts

  • 51T MAAD Mount
  • ASR MAAD Mount
  • Direct Thread MAAD Mount
  • MAAD Mount
  • Standard Front Cap
  • Standoff Front Cap
  • Trifecta MAAD Mount
  • 3-Lug Octane Mount
  • 3-Lug Trident Mount
  • Fixed Barrel Spacer
  • OCTANE HD Thread Mount
  • OSPREY and OCTANE Piston
  • Replacement Boost O-Rings
  • Replacement Metric Piston O-Rings
  • Trident Fixed Mount
  • 1/2x20 to 1/2x28 Adapter
  • 1/2x28 Rifle Thread Spacer
  • 1/2x28-1/2x28 Adapter with Thread Protector
  • FN Adapter with Thread Protector
  • GSG 1911 Adapter with Thread Protector
  • P-22 Adapter with Thread Protector
  • Replacement O-Ring Pack
  • SIG Mosquito Adapter with Thread Protector
  • Thread Protector with O-Ring Engagement


  • 3-Lug Mount Wrench
  • OSPREY Booster Disassembly Tool

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