Ships in Class

USS South Dakota (BB-57)

USS Indiana (BB-58)

USS Massachusetts (BB-59)

USS Alabama (BB-60)

South Dakota-Class Battleships
United States naval ship classes of World War II
Aircraft Carrier LexingtonRanger(S) • YorktownWasp(S) • EssexMidway(C)
Light Aircraft Carriers IndependenceSaipan(C)
Escort Carriers Long IslandChargerBogueSangamonCasablancaCommencement Bay
Battleships WyomingWyomingNevadaPennsylvaniaNew MexicoTennesseeColoradoNorth CarolinaSouth DakotaIowaMontana(X)
Large Cruisers Alaska
Heavy Cruisers PensacolaNorthamptonPortlandNew OrleansWichita(S) • BaltimoreOregon CityDes Moines
Light Cruisers OmahaBrooklynSt. LouisAtlantaClevelandFargo(C) • Juneau(C) • Worcester(C)
Gunboats AshevilleDubuquePlymouth(S) • Williamsburg(S) • St. Augustine(S) • Vixen(S) • Erie-Class Gunboat
Destroyers SampsonCaldwellWickesClemsonFarragutPorterMahanGridleyBagleySomersBenhamSimsBensonGleavesFletcherAllen M. SumnerRobert H. SmithGearing
Destroyer Escorts EvartsBuckleyCannonEdsallRudderowJohn C. Butler
Frigates RiverTacoma
Patrol Boats ActionPT Boat
Minesweepers LapwingRavenAukEagle(S) • HawkAdmirable
Submarines ORSBarracudaArgonaut(S) • NarwhalDolphin(S) • CachalotPorpoiseSalmonSargoTamborMackerelGatoBalaoTench
S: Single ship of class • C: Completed after the war • X: Cancelled

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