The Spähpanzer RU-251 is a German light tank prototype. It was developed to replace the M41 Walker Bulldog. The RU-251 is still classified by the Bundeswehr so information is scarce.
Germany 1949-1959 & Present (West) German Land Vehicles after WWII - Tracked Germany West
Light Tanks Light Tank Begleitpanzer 57HS 30M41 Walker BulldogSpähpanzer RU-251Spähpanzer SP I.C.
Infantry Fighting Vehicle DF 105Marder 1 (1A1, 1A1A, 1A1A2, 1A1A3, 1A1A4, 1A1A5, 1A2, 1A2A1, 1A3, 1A4, 1A5, 1A5A1)Schützenpanzer 12-3Schützenpanzer PumaWiesel 1 BTM-208Wiesel 1 MK20Wiesel 1 MK25
Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Command M577GSchützenpanzer 12-3 FüFuWiesel 2 Command Post
Medium Tanks Main Battle Tank Blohm und Voss Main Battle TankGefectsfeldversuchträger 01 (02, 03, 04, 05)Indien-PanzerLeopard 1 Series (Proto A, Proto II, 1A0, 1A1, 1A2, 1A3, 1A4, 1A5)Leopard 2 Series (2A02A1, 2A2, 2A3, 2A4, 2A5, 2A6, 2A7, 2A7+2K2K (Rh202))Leopard 2 KWS IIIKampfpanzer 70Porsche EuropanzerRRV EP1-15/6Versuchsträger 1-1Versuchsträger 1-2
Main Battle Tank, Command PzBefWg Leopard 1PzBefWg Leopard 2
Medium Tank KPz M48A2GKPz M48A2G2
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard (A1, A2)MatadorMarder 1 Roland 2Marder 1 Roland 3M42A1Wiesel 2 leFlaSysWiesel 2 Ozelot
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile 90mm Jagdpanzer mit Ferngesteuerten PanzerabwehrraketenRaketenjagdpanzer 1Raketenjagdpanzer 2Raketenjagdpanzer 3Raketenjagdpanzer 4Schützenpanzer Typ B mit Ferngesteuerten PanzerabwehrraketenWiesel 1 ATM HOTWiesel 1 ATM TOW
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun 90mm JagdpanzerKanonenjagdpanzer 4-5Marder 1VTS1
Self-Propelled Howitzer PzH M55PzH M109GPzH M109A3GA1PzH M110PzH 2000
Self-Propelled Mortar M113 PanzermörserMörserträger 51-2Schützenpanzer 12-3 PanzermörserSchützenpanzer Typ B PanzermörserTampella Panzermörser
Self-Propelled Recoilless Gun Schützenpanzr 12-3 LGSWiesel 2 RMK 30
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery LARS 1LARS 2MARS IIRaketensystem 80
Explosive Related Mine Laying Minenwerfer Skorpion
Mine Clearing / Sweeping Minenräumpanzer Keiler
Misc Tanks Ammunition Carrier Nachschubpanzer 42-1Wiesel 1 ATM TOW ResupplyWiesel 2 Carrier
Armoured Personnel Carrier Bandvagn 206SM113A1GM113A2GSchützenpanzer Typ ASchützenpanzer Typ B
Armoured Recovery Bergepanzer 1Bergepanzer 2
Bridge Laying M3 Amphibious RigPanzerschnellbrücke Biber auf BrückenlegerPanzerschnellbrücke Leguan
Engineering & Maintenance Pionierpanzer DachsWiesel 2 Engineering Scout
Medical Bandvagn 206S AmbulanceSanitätspanzer Kurz 2-2Wiesel 2 Ambulance
Observation, Spotting & Survey Beobachtungspanzer 22-2Schützenpanzer 12-3 Feuerleitpanzer
RADAR Radarpanzer 91-2Wiesel 1 RadarWiesel 1 RCS
Recon PzAufk Leopard 1A1Schützenpanzer 11-2 KurzWiesel 1 AufklärungWiesel 2 ArgusWiesel 2 Engineering ScoutWiesel 2 Primus
Germany 1949-1959 & Present (West) German Land Vehicles after WWII - Wheeled Germany West
Offensive / Defensive Infantry Fighting Vehicles GTK Boxer
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM GTK Boxer SysFlaMAN Roland 3
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile Transportpanzer 1 MILANVolkswagen Iltis Milan 1Volkswagen Iltis Milan 2
Other Armoured Car LAPV EnokSonderwagen III
Armoured Personnel Carrier GTK BoxerKMW GrizzlyTransportpanzer 1 (1A1, 1A2, 1A3)
Cargo GTK Boxer
Command GTK Boxer
Engineering ATF Dingo 2A3 GSIATF Dingo 2A3 System RepairGTK Boxer
Fire Fighting Magirus MercurMagirus Saturn
Infantry Mobility Vehicle ATF Dingo 1 (2, 2A1, 2A2)
Medical GTK Boxer
Observation, Spotting & Survey GTK Boxer
Reconnaissance LGS FennekSpähpanzer Luchs (A1)Volkswagen Iltis Aufk.
Transport & Towing Magirus JupiterMercedes-Benz Zetros 1833Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733MOWAG DuroMOWAG Eagle IVMOWAG Eagle VMungo ESKRheinmetall YAKSLT 2 MammutSLT 50 ElefantSLT 56 FranziskaUnimog U5000 437.430
Utility LIV (SO) ServalMercedes-Benz G-Class WolfVolkswagen T3Volkswagen T4Volkswagen T5Volkswagen Iltis

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