The Straussler V-4 or Light Tank V-4 is a Hungarian light tank developed in the interwar period. Based on the Straussler V-3, the V-4 was designed to be a fully-armed tank, which was proposed to the Hungarian military in 1936. The prototype was given to go ahead and was built in 1936. Trials started the same year, but in the UK, and possibly in Italy. The vehicle tested to be quite fast, but the tank could tip over easily and the driving performance was quite bumpy. In 1938 the prototype's weapon was changed from an unknown 37mm gun to the 40mm 37M (licensed Bofors) and it was returned to Hungary for army trials. The V-4 along with the PzKpfw I and Landsverk L-60 were trialed for the Hungarian Army but the L-60 won the trials.
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