Fighters (Jakt)

Des. Aircraft

# Used

Year Type Engine Type
J1 Phönix D.I 12 1919-1933 Biplane
J2 NiD.29 10 1925-1930 Biplane
J3 Fokker C.V-D 2 1927-1930 Biplane
J3A Fokker C.V-D 6 1927-1930 Biplane
J3B Fokker C.V-D 7 1930-1945 Biplane
J4 Heinkel/Sv.Aero HD.19 6 1928-1937 Biplane
J5 Svenska Aero Jaktfalken 1 1930-1933 Biplane
J6 Svenska Aero Jaktfalk I 7 1930-1941 Biplane
J6A Svenska Aero Jaktfalk II 3 1932-1940 Biplane
J6B Svenska Aero Jaktfalk III 7 1935-1941 Biplane
J7 Type 105 Bulldog 11 1930-1940 Biplane Radial Piston
J8 Gloster Gladiator I 37 1937-1942 Biplane Radial Piston
J8A Gloster Gladiator II 18 1938-1945 Biplane Radial Piston
J9 Seversky EP-106 60 1940-1941 Monoplane Radial Piston
J10 Vultee V-49C Vanguard None Proposed Monoplane Radial Piston
J11 Fiat CR.42bis Falco 72 1940-1946 Biplane Radial Piston
J12 Reggaine Re.2000 60 ? Monoplane Radial Piston

Ground Attack

Des. Aircraft # Used Year Type Engine Type
A1 Phönix C.I 11 1921-1935 Biplane Radial Piston


Des. Aircraft # Used Year Type Engine Type
B1 Fiat B.R. 3 1924-1932 Biplane V12 Engine
B2 Fiat B.R.I 2 1925-1937 Biplane V12 Engine
B3 Junkers Ju.86K-1 3 1936-1946 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B3A Junkers Ju.86K-4 35 1937-1958 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B3B Junkers Ju.86L-5 2 1937-1958 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B3C Junkers/SAAB Ju.86K-13 16 1939-1944 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B3C-2 Junkers Ju.86K-4/5 15 1947-1958 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B3D Junkers/SAAB Ju.86K-13 16 1941-1958 Monoplane Diesel Engine
B4 Hawker Swedish Hart 3 1937-1947 Biplane V12 Engine
B4A ASJA/CVM/Götaverken Hart 42 1936-1947 Biplane V12 Engine
B5A Douglas/Northrop Model 8A-1 Nomad 1 1938-1942 Monoplane Radial Piston
B5B ASJA/Northrop Model 8A-1 Nomad 64 1940-1950 Monoplane Radial Piston
B5C SAAB/Northrop Model 8A-1 Nomad 38 1941-1950 Monoplane Radial Piston
B6 Seversky 2PA 2 1940-1953 Monoplane Radial Piston
B7 Fokker G.I-B Wasp None Proposed Monoplane Radial Piston
B8 SAAB L10 None Proposed
B18A SAAB B18A 62 1944-1947 Monoplane Radial Piston
B18B SAAB B18B 120 1945-1958 Monoplane Radial Piston

Torpedo Bombers (Torped)

Des. Aircraft # Used Year Type Engine Type
T1 Heinkel HD.16 2 1928-1939
T2 Heinkel He.115A-2 12 1939-1948 Seaplane Radial Piston

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