T-10 Heavy Tank, Zavod 185 & Zavod 174


The T-10 Heavy Tank, also known as Object 730 or IS-10, was a Soviet Heavy Tank of 1953-66. The T-10 was originally known as the IS-10, but after Stalin's death, was renamed T-10.


  • T-10 (1952) (Object 730)
  • T-10A (1956) (Object 730A)
  • T-10B (1957) (Object 730B)
  • T-10M (1957) (Object 272)
  • T-10M (1963) (OPVT Deep-Wading Snorkel)
  • T-10BK (Object 730BK)
  • T-10M (1967) (supplied with APDS & HEAT) (Object 734)
  • T-10MK (Object 272K)

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