The Korovin Pistol (Пистолет Коровина, Тульский Коровин (ТК)) (GAU 56-A-112)

Regarded as 'the first Russian semi-automatic pistol", the TK was designed in 1925-1926 by S.A. Korovin. It was produced by the Tula Arms Plant from 1926 to 1935. It was used by the NKVD, Militsiya, and senior officers of the Red Army. It was also used by government officials. The TK was used from 1926 up until the 1950s, it was often used as a gift, or as part of an award.


The TK is of simple blowback type, a safety is located on the left side of the frame, above the trigger. The magazine catch is located at the bottom of the grip.

The grip panels came in a number of variants.

  • Plastic, TOZ logo
  • Wooden Checkered
  • Wooden with Vertical Grooves


World War II