Textron Marine & Land Systems

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Company Details

Textron Marine & Land Systems is an American military contractor that manufactures armoured vehicles, turrets, advanced marine craft, surface effects ships, and other weapon systems. It is owned by Textron, and was formed in the merger between Cadillac Gage and Textron Marine in 1994.

All Known Firearms

Assault Rifles

  • Stoner 63


Armoured Cars/APCs/IFVs

  • Cadillac Gage Commando
  • V-150
  • V-200
  • LAV-300
  • LAV-600
  • Cadillac Gage Ranger
  • Cadillac Gage Peacekeeper
  • M1117
  • Tiger Light Protected Vehicle


  • Stingray Light Tank


  • Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)


  • Motor Lifeboat (MLB)
  • NAIAD Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

Automated Defense

  • Cadillac Gage Turret Systems

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