The Italians, unlike their German allies, had not given much attention to half-tracked vehicles in the inter-war period. Most of their halftracks were simply trucks equipped with tracks. In 1941 the German mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t lent to the Italians for evaluation. A production license was given to Breda. 500 were ordered, but unfortunately Armistice was fatal to this order. However the Germans contracted a new order of 300 specimens, out of which 199 were delivered in 1944.
Italy Kingdom Italian Land Vehicles of the Second World War Italy 1943-1945
Tracked Vehicles
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks L5/21L5/30L6/40L6/40M5/36M6T
Fast Tanks L3/35L3/38Celere Sahariano
Light Infantry Tanks L5/21L5/30
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks Carro Armato Medio M11/39Carro Armato Medio M13/40 (early)Carro Armato Medio M13/40 (late)Carro Armato Medio M14/41Carro Armato Medio M15/42Carro Armato Medio M15/42
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks Carro Armato Pesante P26/40Carro Armato Pesante P43bis
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers Semovente L3 da 47/32Semovente L40 da 47/32Semovente da 75/32 M41Semovente da 75/34 M42MSemovente da 75/46 M42TSemovente da 90/53 M41
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun Semovente da 75/18 M40Semovente da 75/18 M41Semovente da 75/18 M42Semovente da 105/25
Self-Propelled Artillery Semovente da 149/40Semovente Renault FT.17
Utility Transport & Towing Fiat 2800
Half-Tracked Vehicles
Towing Alfa-Romeo 800RETrattore Semicingolato Breda Typo 61Trattore Semicingolato Fiat 727
Wheeled Vehicles
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars Autoblinda 1ZMAutoblinda Modello 40Autoblinda Modello 41Autoblinda Modello 43Autoblinda Modello 611Autoblinda AS.43Autoblinda TerniAutoblinda LinceAutoblinda Vespa CaproniCamionetta AS.42 Sahariana
Transport & Towing Autoprotetto AS.37Autotrasporto blindato SPA Dovunque 35Camioncino Fiat 1100 Militare MusettoCamioncino Fiat 1100 ALR ColonialeCamioncino Fiat 1100 Militare Musone
Anti-Aircraft Fiat 1100 SPAAG
Motocycles Guzzi 500 Alce