Type 91 Disambiguation

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  • Bristol Type 91 Brownie (British Sports Aircraft)
  • Navy Type 91 Flying Boat | Hiro H4H (Japanese)
  • Army Type 91 Fighter (Japanese)
  • Type 91 Air-to-Ship Missile | ASM-1C (Japanese)
  • T91 Assault Rifle (Taiwanese)
  • Hiro Type 91 W-12 Engine
  • Type 91 Grenade | Kyūichi-shiki Teryūdan (Japanese)
  • Type 91 Grenade Launcher (Chinese)
  • Type 91 100mm Howitzer | Kyūisshiki Jissenchi Ryudanho (Japanese)
  • Type 91 Hand Arrow | 91-shiki Keitai Chitaikū Yūdōdan (Japanese Surface-to-Air Missile)
  • Type 91 450mm Torpedo (Japanese)

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