Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha displaying its external MG mount and Type 92 13mm.

The Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha (九二式重装甲車 Kyū-ni-shiki Jyū-sōkōsha) was the first indigenous Japanese tankette. In the 1920's, Japan had imported and tested various European tankettes, such as the Type Ka MG Vehicle. It was decided that a small mobile vehicle based loosely on the Carden-Loyd Mk.VI should be designed. Following the failure of the clumsy Sumida AMP, the Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha was conceived. It was designed for cavalry use, and as such was designated as a heavy armoured car, rather than a tankette. This was the result of sectionalism within the IJA: Tanks were used by infantry, and cavalry could not operate them. Though initially troublesome, the tank proved to be fairly effective overall, demonstrating its usefulness in the Second Sino-Japanese War. Production was plagued with issues, and in the end, only 167 vehicles were produced. While the vehicle saw progressional changes to armament, there were no official production variants. Changes to the vehicle included replacing the hull gun with a 13mm Type 92 heavy machine cannon. Another modification added an external machine gun mount for mounting an additional Type 91 6.5mm. Later improvements included a new drive train, new suspension, and replacing the turret machine gun with a Type 96 chambered in 7.7mm. A custom 37mm was also tested in the vehicle. Some Type 92 Heavy Armoured Cars are said to have been fitted with the 20mm Type 98, though there is no known documentation to support this.


SR Amphib

Experimental amphibious probably based upon the Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha.

Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Tracked
Light Tanks Tankettes Type Ka MG VehicleType 92 Jyū-SōkōshaType 94 Tokushu KeninshaType 97 Te-Ke
Standard Light Tanks Kō Gata SenshaIJ Fiat 3000Otsu Gata SenshaType 95 Ha-GōType 98 Ke-Ni KōType 98 Ke-Ni OtsuType 98 Ke-Ni ProductionType 2 Ke-ToType 3 Ke-RiType 4 Ke-NuType 5 Ke-Ho
Amphibious & Land Assault Tanks Sumida AMPSR AmphibSR-ISR-IISR-IIIType 2 Ka-MiType 3 Ka-ChiType 4 Ka-TsuType 5 To-Ku
Railroad Tanks Type 95 So-Ki (Armoured Railcar)
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks Mark IV FemaleMedium Mark A WhippetExperimental IVickers Medium CExperimental IIType 89 I-Go PrototypeType 89 I-Go KōType 89 I-Go OtsuType 97 Chi-NiType 97 Chi-HaType 97 Chi-Ha KaiType 98 Chi-HoType 1 Chi-HeType 2 Ho-IType 3 Chi-NuChi-Nu KaiType 3 Chi-Nu IIType 4 Chi-To 57mm PrototypeType 4 Chi-To 75mm PrototypeType 4 Chi-To ProductionType 5 Chi-Ri IType 5 Chi-Ri IIType 5 Chi-Ri ProductionChi-Se
Amphibious Medium Tanks Type 5 To-Ku
Medium Command Tanks Type 97 Shi-Ki
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks Type 91 Heavy TankType 95 Ro-GoType 96 Ju-IType 96 Ju-I KaiType 97 Ju-RoType 97 Ju-Ro KaiMitsu 104Ishi 108O-IType 4 O-RoType 5 O-HaHeavy Tank No. VHeavy Tank No. VI
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers So-ToType 1 Ho-Ni IType 1 Ho-Ni IIType 3 Ho-Ni IIIType 5 Ho-Ri IType 5 Ho-Ri IIType 5 Ho-Ri IIIType 5 Ho-RuType 5 Na-ToType 5 Na-To II
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun Ji-Ro • • Type 97 Chi-Ha Naval Short GunType 97 Chi-Ha Naval Long GunType 2 Ho-IType 5 Ka-ToType 4 Ho-RoType 5 Ho-ChiType 5 Na-ToType 5 Na-To II
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Ki-ToTa-SeSo-KiTa-Ha
Self-Propelled Howitzer Type 4 Ho-RoType 4 Ha-To
Misc Tanks Transport & Towing Type 1 Ho-Ki
Miscellaneous Amphibious Transport FB Swamp Vehicle
Transport & Towing Chi-Ke TractorHolt 30Komatsu 3 ton TractorType 92 I-KeType 92 Ni-KuType 94 Yo-KeType 95 Ho-FuType 98 Six Ton Prime MoverT-G Crawler TruckType 98 Ro-KeType 98 Shi-KeType 98 So-DaType 1 Ho-Ki
Misc Brasso-KiSo-RaType 94 Disinfecting VehicleType 94 Gas Scattering VehicleType 95 Ri-KiType 97 Ho-KType 97 Cable LayerType 97 Pole PlanterType 97 Chi-YiuType 96 Se-RiType 1 AOVS-K Trench ExcavatorSōkō Sagyō KiSōkō Sagyō TGType 100 Te-Re
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Half-Tracks
Transport & Towing Type 95 KuroganeType 98 Ho-Ki Prime MoverType 1 Ho-Ha
Amphibious Transport & Towing Ishikawan Jime
Amphibious Offensive Type 2 Amphibious Wheel/Track
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ho-Ki SPAAG
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Wheeled
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars British Crossley Mk IType 92 OsakaType 87 Armoured CarType 3 SumidaType 92 ChiyodaType 92 Chokei SenshaType 92 Kokusan
Transport & Towing Nissan 180Nissan Model 97Toyota KBToyota KCType 94 TruckType 97 TruckType 1 TruckType 2 Truck
Staff Cars Nissan 70Toyota SyokiType 92 ChiyodaModel 93 Staff CarModel 95 KuroganeNissan Model 97 Staff CarType 98 Staff Car
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ta-Se (truck)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Nissan 80
Amphibious Transport & Towing Su-Ki Amphibious Truck
Motocycles Model 97 KuroganeSanrinsha

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