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Several Type 94 TK tankettes at the Gate of China, Nanjing.

The Type 94 Tokushu Keninsha (九四式軽装甲車 , Kyūyon-shiki keisōkōsha) abbreviated "TK" (special tractor) was a reconnaissance designed tankette that replaced the Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha. The tank was inexpensive to produce, at ¥50,000 per unit. The TK was used to great effect in armoured spearheads (a task it was not designed for) in the Second Sino-Japanese War, despite its minimal armour thickness, as Chinese anti-tank options were limited. Much like the Type 92 Jyū-Sōkōsha, modifications to the Type 94 TK did not have official names. Modifications include lengthening of the chassis, lowering and up-scaling of the rear idler wheel, in turn reducing ground pressure. Other variations replaced the standard Type 91 6.5mm with a Type 92 7.7mm. In late 1936 Ikegai Automobile developed a small diesel engine for a prototype TK. The prototype vehicle also mounted a Type 94 37mm. The size of the engine caused complications due to the small stature of the vehicle, and it was decided to design an entirely new tank. This led to the development of the Type 97 Te-Ke. The TK was quickly phased out of service in 1937. By then, Chinese forces had acquired a number of weapons which easily defeated the armour of the vehicle.


Type 94 Gas Scattering Vehicle

Adaption of the Type 94 TK to chemical warfare. Towed a tracked mobile liquid dissemination chemical vehicle to scatter mustard gas.

Type 94 Disinfecting Vehicle

Another adaption of the Type 94 TK to chemical warfare. Towed a tracked mobile disinfecting anti-chemical agents vehicle to scatter bleaching powder to counteract the mustard gas.

Type 97 Pole Planter

Pole planting vehicle built off of Type 94 TK chassis. It was used to transport and to plant telegraph poles.

Type 97 Cable Layer

Cable laying vehicle built off of Type 94 TK chassis. Used to lay cables on telegraph poles placed by the Type 97 Pole Planter.

Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Tracked
Light Tanks Tankettes Type Ka MG VehicleType 92 Jyū-SōkōshaType 94 Tokushu KeninshaType 97 Te-Ke
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Amphibious & Land Assault Tanks Sumida AMPSR AmphibSR-ISR-IISR-IIIType 2 Ka-MiType 3 Ka-ChiType 4 Ka-TsuType 5 To-Ku
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Amphibious Medium Tanks Type 5 To-Ku
Medium Command Tanks Type 97 Shi-Ki
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Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers So-ToType 1 Ho-Ni IType 1 Ho-Ni IIType 3 Ho-Ni IIIType 5 Ho-RiType 5 Ho-RuType 5 Na-ToType 5 Na-To II
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Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Ki-ToTa-SeSo-KiTa-Ha
Self-Propelled Howitzer Type 4 Ho-RoType 4 Ha-To
Misc Tanks Transport & Towing Type 1 Ho-Ki
Miscellaneous Amphibious Transport FB Swamp Vehicle
Transport & Towing Chi-Ke TractorHolt 30Komatsu 3 ton TractorModel 92 Eight Ton Prime MoverModel 92 YikaeModel 95 Thirteen Ton Prime MoverModel 98 Six Ton Prime MoverT-G Crawler TruckType 98 Ro-KeType 98 Shi-KeType 98 So-DaType 1 Ho-Ki
Misc Brasso-KiSo-RaType 94 Disinfecting VehicleType 94 Gas Scattering VehicleType 95 Ri-KiType 97 Ho-KType 97 Cable LayerType 97 Pole PlanterType 97 Chi-YiuType 96 Se-RiType 1 AOVS-K Trench ExcavatorSōkō Sagyō KiSōkō Sagyō TGType 100 Te-Re
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Half-Tracks
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Amphibious Transport & Towing Ishikawan Jime
Amphibious Offensive Type 2 Amphibious Wheel/Track
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ho-Ki SPAAG
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Wheeled
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Transport & Towing Nissan 180Nissan Model 97Toyota KBToyota KCType 94 TruckType 97 TruckType 1 TruckType 2 Truck
Staff Cars Nissan 70Toyota SyokiType 92 ChiyodaModel 93 Staff CarModel 95 KuroganeNissan Model 97 Staff CarType 98 Staff Car
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ta-Se (truck)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Nissan 80
Amphibious Transport & Towing Su-Ki Amphibious Truck
Motocycles Model 97 KuroganeSanrinsha

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