Type 96 Disambiguation

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  • Type 96 Light Tank | ZTQ-96 (Chinese Light Tank)
  • Type 96 MBT | ZTZ-96 (Chinese Main Battle Tank)
  • Type 096 Submarine (Chinese Submarine)
  • Type 96 Carrier-Based Fighter | Mitsubishi A5M (Japanese Fighter)
  • Type 96 Attacker | Mitsubishi G3M (Japanese Attacker)
  • Type 96 Howa (Japanese Automatic Grenade Launcher)
  • Type 96 APC (Japanese Armoured Personnel Carrier)
  • Type 96 150mm Howitzer (Japanese Howitzer)
  • Type 96 150mm Mortar (Japanese Mortar)
  • Type 96 Prime Mover (Japanese Prime Mover)
  • Type 96 LMG (Japanese LMG)
  • Type 96 Mine (Japanese Mine)
  • Type 96 25mm AT/AA Gun | Kyūroku-shiki nijyūgo-miri Kōkakukijū (Japanese AA Gun)

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