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A Japanese tank commander stands upon his Type 97 Te-Ke.

The Type 97 Te-Ke (九七式軽装甲車 テケ Kyū-nana-shiki kei sōkōsha Teke) was a reconnaissance designed tankette that replaced the Type 94 Tokushu Keninsha. The vehicle was conceived when a diesel prototype of the Type 94 TK showed to be ridden with issues, requiring a new vehicle design. As a result, Te-Ke heavily resembles the TK, the major visual changes being the relocation of the engine to the back, and shifting of the turret to the center. The Te-Ke replaced the TK on the assembly line in 1939. The main gun was intended to be a Type 94 37mm, but due to issues with supply, many vehicles were instead fitted with a Type 97 7.7mm (2800 rounds). The Te-Ke was used to great effect as an armoured recon vehicle. However, much like the TK, later on the Te-Ke was often used for infantry support and even against tanks. It was not designed to perform these tasks, and saw little success.


Type 98 So-Da

Armored personnel and ammunition carrier built upon the Type 97 Te-Ke chassis.

Type 100 Te-Re

Artillery observation vehicle built upon the Type 97 Te-Ke chassis.

Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Tracked
Light Tanks Tankettes Type Ka MG VehicleType 92 Jyū-SōkōshaType 94 Tokushu KeninshaType 97 Te-Ke
Standard Light Tanks Ko Gata SenshaFiat 3000Otsu Gata SenshaType 95 Ha-GōType 98 Ke-Ni AType 98 Ke-Ni BType 98 Ke-Ni KaiType 2 Ke-ToType 3 Ke-RiType 4 Ke-NuType 5 Ke-Ho
Amphibious & Land Assault Tanks Sumida AMPSR AmphibSR-ISR-IISR-IIIType 2 Ka-MiType 3 Ka-ChiType 4 Ka-TsuType 5 To-Ku
Railroad Tanks Type 95 Armoured Railcar
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks Mark IV FemaleMedium Mark A WhippetVickers Medium Mark CExperimental IType 89 I-GoType 89 I-Go KouType 89 I-Go OtsuType 97 Chi-NiType 97 Chi-HaType 97 Chi-Ha KaiType 98 Chi-HoType 1 Chi-HeType 2 Ho-IType 3 Chi-NuChi-Nu KaiChi-Nu IIType 4 Chi-ToType 5 Chi-Ri IType 5 Chi-Ri IIType 5 Chi-Ri ProductionChi-Se
Amphibious Medium Tanks Type 5 To-Ku
Medium Command Tanks Type 97 Shi-Ki
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks Type 91 Heavy TankType 95 Ro-GoType 96 Ju-IType 96 Ju-I KaiType 97 Ju-RoType 97 Ju-Ro KaiMitsu 104Ishi 108O-IType 4 O-RoType 5 O-HaHeavy Tank No. VHeavy Tank No. VI
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers So-ToType 1 Ho-Ni IType 1 Ho-Ni IIType 3 Ho-Ni IIIType 5 Ho-RiType 5 Ho-RuType 5 Na-ToType 5 Na-To II
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun Ji-Ro • • Type 97 Chi-Ha Naval Short GunType 97 Chi-Ha Naval Long GunType 2 Ho-IType 5 Ka-ToType 4 Ho-RoType 5 Ho-ChiType 5 Na-ToType 5 Na-To II
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Ki-ToTa-SeSo-KiTa-Ha
Self-Propelled Howitzer Type 4 Ho-RoType 4 Ha-To
Misc Tanks Transport & Towing Type 1 Ho-Ki
Miscellaneous Amphibious Transport FB Swamp Vehicle
Transport & Towing Chi-Ke TractorHolt 30Komatsu 3 ton TractorModel 92 Eight Ton Prime MoverModel 92 YikaeModel 95 Thirteen Ton Prime MoverModel 98 Six Ton Prime MoverT-G Crawler TruckType 98 Ro-KeType 98 Shi-KeType 98 So-DaType 1 Ho-Ki
Misc Brasso-KiSo-RaType 94 Disinfecting VehicleType 94 Gas Scattering VehicleType 95 Ri-KiType 97 Ho-KType 97 Cable LayerType 97 Pole PlanterType 97 Chi-YiuType 96 Se-RiType 1 AOVS-K Trench ExcavatorSōkō Sagyō KiSōkō Sagyō TGType 100 Te-Re
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Half-Tracks
Transport & Towing Type 95 KuroganeType 98 Ho-Ki Prime MoverType 1 Ho-Ha
Amphibious Transport & Towing Ishikawan Jime
Amphibious Offensive Type 2 Amphibious Wheel/Track
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ho-Ki SPAAG
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Wheeled
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars British Crossley Mk IType 92 OsakaType 87 Armoured CarType 3 SumidaType 92 ChiyodaType 92 Chokei SenshaType 92 Kokusan
Transport & Towing Nissan 180Nissan Model 97Toyota KBToyota KCType 94 TruckType 97 TruckType 1 TruckType 2 Truck
Staff Cars Nissan 70Toyota SyokiType 92 ChiyodaModel 93 Staff CarModel 95 KuroganeNissan Model 97 Staff CarType 98 Staff Car
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ta-Se (truck)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Nissan 80
Amphibious Transport & Towing Su-Ki Amphibious Truck
Motocycles Model 97 KuroganeSanrinsha

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