US Army

US Army model designations;

  • M = Model
  • T = Test/Trial Model
  • E = Experimental
  • A = Variation
  • An example;
  • M1A3E3 = Model 1, Variant 3, Experiment 3
  • T26E3 = Trial Model 26, Experiment 3
  • M1A1 = Model 1, Variant 1

The M26 Pershing medium tank of WWII was designated the T26E3. It wasn't until June 1945 that some Pershing variants were designated M instead of T.

Phonetic Alphabet


1916 Signal Book

FM 24-5
FM 24-5
1943 CCBP FM 24-12
1 Jan 1956
1 Mar 1956-Present
A Able Afirm Afirm


Able Alfa Alfa
B Boy Baker Baker Baker Baker Bravo Bravo
C Cast Cast Cast Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie
D Dock Dog Dog Dog Dog Delta Delta
E Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy Echo Echo
F Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Foxtrot Foxtrot
G George George George George George Golf Golf
H Have Hypo Hypo How How Hotel Hotel
I Item Inter Inter Item Item India India
J Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Juliett Juliett
K King King King King King Kilo Kilo
L Love Love Love Love Love Lima Lima
M Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
N Nan Negat Negat Nan Nan Nectar November
O Opal Option Option Oboe Oboe Oscar Oscar
P Pup Prep Prep Peter Peter Papa Papa
Q Quack Queen Queen Queen Queen Quebec Quebec
R Rush Roger Roger Roger Roger Romeo Romeo
S Sail Sail Sail Sugar Sugar Sierra Sierra
T Tare Tare Tare Tare Tare Tango Tango
U Unit Unit Unit Uncle Uncle Uniform Uniform
V Vice Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor
W Watch William William William William Whiskey Whiskey
X X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray
Y Yoke Yoke Yoke Yoke Yoke Yankee Yankee
Z Zed Zed Zed Zebra Zebra Zulu Zulu