UTAS, Turkey

Company Info

The UTS-15 was a request made by Smith & Wesson in 2006 to develop the "Ultimate Police Shotgun"



  • UTS-15
    • UTS-15 Desert
    • UTS-15 Marine
    • UTS-15 Hunting
    • UTS-15 Black
    • UTS-15 OD Green
    • UTS-15 Muddy Girl
    • UTS-15 Zombie Green
    • UTS-7+7 Black Compliant
    • UTS-9 Black Compliant
    • UTS-15 Kryptek Mandrake
    • UTS-15 Kryptek Raid


  • UTS-15 Front Sight Assembly
  • UTS-15 Rear Sight Assembly
  • UTS-15 Tactical Choke Tube
  • UTS-15 7'5" Barrel Extension
  • UTS-15 Cylinder Choke Tube
  • UTS-15 Red Laser/Flashlight Unit
  • UTS-15 Canvas Tactical Gun Case
  • UTS-15 Green Laser/Flashlight Unit
  • UTS-15 Tactical Choke Tube, Marine
  • UTS-15 7.5" Barrel Extension, Hunting
  • UTS-15 Magazine Plug
  • UTS-15 Magazine Plug, Hunting

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