Versuchsträger 1 'Experiment Carrier' Turretless Main Battle Tank.


Versuchsträger 1-2

VT 1-2

The Versuchsträger 1 was originally a British-German joint project, but the British withdrew because they wanted a turreted tank. The project had the name 'Kampfpanzer 3' (KPz 3). The Germans already had developed the Leopard 2, and therefore did not see the need for another conventional tank.

The VT was designed 1974-1976 by MaK, it was produced between 1974 and 1975, only 2 VTs and 5 GVTs were built. The VT design was a shortened KPz 70 chassis, the design followed the traditional Jagdpanzer design. It featured no turret, and two main guns. A crew of 4 is required to operate it because the cannons lack autoloaders.


  • Versuchsträger 1-1

This variant has two rifled 105mm main guns, of unknown make.

  • Versuchsträger 1-2

This variant, and following, featured Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore guns.

  • Gefechtsfeldversuchträger 01
  • Gefechtsfeldversuchträger 02
  • Gefechtsfeldversuchträger 03
  • Gefechtsfeldversuchträger 04
  • Gefechtsfeldversuchträger 05

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