This company previously known as Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ) is not to be confused with Zavod imeni Stalina (ZiS).


The Volgograd Tractor Plant (Russian: Волгоградский тракторный завод • Russian Latin: Volgogradski traktorni zavod) (ВгТЗ or VgTZ) is a heavy equipment factory located in Volgograd, Russia.

Volgograd Tractor Factory was known as Stalingrad Tractor Factory (Russian: Сталинградский тракторный завод им. Ф. Э. Дзержинского, Stalingradski traktorni zavod im. F.E. Dzerzhinskogo) (СТЗ / STZ) before the de-Stalinization of the Soviet Union in 1961.

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