The vz. 58 P (Pěchotní aka "Infantry") is a Czechoslovakian assault rifle developed in the 1950s and accepted into service with the Czechoslovakian military.


vz. 58 P

Standard variant.

vz. 58 V

Variant with metal folding stock manufactured for vehicle crews.

vz. 58 Pi

Variant with a mounting interface for the NSP-2 infrared night sight. Also has a fixed stock, cone flash hider and folding bipod.

AP-Z 67

Experimental 7.62x51mm version developed in 1966.

ÚP-Z 70

Experimental 5.56x45mm version developed in 1970.


Experimental bullpup developed in 1976.


Experimental (590mm) long barreled variant, similar to the RPK. Developed in 1976.

vz. 58/98

Experimental marksman rifle.

CZH 2003 Sport

Civilian semi-automatic variant. Available in 390 or 295mm barrels. Limited production was made for the civilian market in Canada with an extended barrel length of 490mm.

CZ 858 Tactical

Civilian semi-automatic developed for the civilian market in Canada.

FSN Series

Civilian semi-automatic variants.

CSA vz. 58 Sporter

Available in .222 Remington, 5.56x45mm or 7.62x39mm. Manufactured by Czech Small Arms.

Ogar 58

Developed and manufactured by Highland Arms in the Czech Republic.

Ogar 22

Conversion kit for all variants of the vz. 58 to convert it to fire .22LR.

vz. 2008

Variant by Century Arms built using a Czech parts kit with a U.S. made receiver and barrel.

Rung Paisarn RPS-001

An adaption of the vz. 58 with components from the M16A2 first manufactured in 1986 by Rung Paisarn Heavy Industries of Thailand.