The Type 59 (Chinese: 59式; pinyin: Wǔjiǔ shì; industrial designation: WZ-120) was a Chinese-produced version of the Soviet T-54A main battle tank, of the T-54/55-Series.

Chinese Variants

Type 59

Standard model. Entered production in 1957. No IR searchlight. Later IR searchlight was fitted to existing models.

Type 59-I

Improved variant with a different main gun. Laser rangefinder, hydaulic servo-system, primitive fire control system, automatic fire suppression system, and rubber track skirt. The Type 59-I includes several version with different armour and fire control configurations.

Type 59-II

WZ-120B. 105mm rifled gun, similar to the 105mm Royal Ordnance L7. A night intensification/infrared night sight, mass increased to 36.5t.

Type 59D

WZ-120C. Features ERA, computerized stabilized fire control system, the 105mm from the Type 59-II, and night vision system.

Type 59D1

Has a longer 105mm, 105mm Type 83A, which can fire ATGMs. Thermal sight.

Type 59G

An upgrade that might make the Type 59 3rd Generation. Redesigned turret, armour. Using a turret similar to the Type 96, a 125mm gun, modern fire control, arrow-shaped armour, spaced armour, possibly third generation subsystems.

Type 69/79-Series

Further development. Built by 617 Factory.

Type 62 Light Tank

Further development.

Type 73 ARV

Armoured recovery variant without a turret. Armed with a single 12.7x108mm NSV.

Foreign Variants

United Kingdom

Type 59 with 105mm L7

An upgrade package was offered to users of the Type 59.

Type 59 with Marksman Anti-Air System

The Marksman package was offered for the Type 59.



North Korea





Type 59BD

China PeopleRepublicChina Chinese (PRC) Land Vehicles after WWII - Tracked China PLA
Light Tanks Light Tank WZ-131WZ-132ZTD-05ZTD-62 (-IG)ZTD-70ZTQ-96ZTQ-15
Light Tank, Amphibious ZTS-63 (I, II)
Light Tank, Command ZCL-45ZSY-45ZZZ-701
Infantry Fighting Vehicle ZBD-04 (A)ZBD-05ZBD-85ZBD-86ZBD-97
Medium Tanks Main Battle Tank WZ-120WZ-122ZTZ-59 (I, II, IIA, C, D, D1, G, 16)ZTZ-69 (I, IIA, III)ZTZ-79ZTZ-80 (II)ZTZ-85 (I, II, IIA, IIM, III)ZTZ-88 (A, B, C)ZTZ-90 (II, III)ZTZ-96 (A, B)ZTZ-98ZTZ-99 (A)
Main Battle Tank, Command ZZZ-59-IZZZ-69-IIB/C
Medium Tank [[]]
Heavy Tanks Heavy Tank WZ-111
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM PGZ (Type-65)PGZ-80PGZ-88PGZ-95Project 301WZ-554
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile ZDF-01ZDF-89
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun PTZ-59PTZ-89SU-100
Self-Propelled Howitzer PLZ-04PLZ-05PLZ-07 (A, B)PLZ-45PLZ-52PLZ-70PLZ-83PLZ-89PLZ-91
Self-Propelled Mortar YW-304YW-381
Self-Propelled Recoilless Gun [[]]
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery PHZ-70PHZ-82PHZ-89
Explosive Related Mine Laying [[]]
Mine Clearing / Sweeping GSL-131
Misc Tanks Ammunition Carrier [[]]
Armoured Personnel Carrier YW535ZSD-63(A, C)ZSD-85ZSD-89 (II)ZSD-90
Armoured Recovery Type-79
Bridge Laying [[]]
Engineering & Maintenance GJT-211ZHB-94ZJX-93
Medical [[]]
Observation, Spotting & Survey GLC-45ZZC-01
RADAR [[]]
Reconnaissance ZTQ-62 (I, G)
China PeopleRepublicChina Chinese (PRC) Land Vehicles after WWII - Wheeled China PLA
Offensive / Defensive Infantry Fighting Vehicles ZBL-09ZSL-92
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM [[]]
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile BJ212 HJ-8WZ-550
Self-Propelled Gun (Assault Gun) ZTL-09
Self-Propelled Howitzer PLZ-09
Self-Propelled Mortar PLL-05PLL-09
Self-Propelled Recoilless Gun BJ212 PWL78
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery PHL-63PHL-81PHL-83PHL-90 (A, B)
Other Armoured Car [[]]
Armoured Personnel Carrier WZ-551ZFB-05ZSL-56ZSL-92
Cargo SX250
Command BJ212
Command, Amphibious BY5020TSL
Engineering [[]]
Fire Fighting [[]]
Infantry Mobility Vehicle [[]]
Medical [[]]
Observation, Spotting & Survey [[]]
Reconnaissance BJ212 ZCZZC-56
Transport & Towing EQ2050SQF2040
Utility [[]]

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