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The ZTZ-99 / WZ-123 / Type-99 Main Battle Tank is a Chinese main battle tank.



WZ-123 or Type 90-III. Early pre-production version. Features included composite armour panels and a 1200hp diesel engine. 1st generation ERA may have been an option. According to Global Security, the armour layout of the Type 98 is similar to the T80-U and T80-UK.




Also known as the Type 98G and Type 99G. 1200hp engine replaced by a 1500hp one. Upgraded to 3rd generation ERA, 2nd generation thermal sight.


Improved Type 99. Prototype tests went underway by August 2007 and believed to be the standard deployed variant in 2011; upgradable from Type 99. The improved main gun may fire Invar-type ATGM. It mounts 3rd generation ERA (Relikt-type), and an active protection system. Has a new turret with arrow shaped applique armour. The larger turret may have improved armour and a commander's periscope, and the tank may have an integrated propulsion system. Has a semi-automatic transmission.

ZTZ-99A2 | Type 99 Da-Gai

Latest variant of the Type 99 known as Type 99 Da-Gai (Major Modification). Turret front volume has been increased and original ERA redesigned. It is likely that previously produced Type 99 are upgraded to this standard. The tank has an inertial/GPS navigation system and a battle management system.


China PeopleRepublicChina People's Republic of China

40 Type 98A, 500 Type 99, 100 Type 99A (2014)

Pakistan Pakistan

May acquire 300 Type 99.

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