Zimmerit was a non-magnetic coating, produced for the purpose of combating magnetically attached anti-tank mines or grenades. The rigid surface of the coating also helped to negate magnetic mines from adherance.

There was 3 known patterns, Ridges, Waffle and Squares. Ridges was most commonly used on Tiger tanks, where as the Waffle pattern was mostly used on the Stug III.

Zimmerit was eventually discontinued from field and factory application, as there was concerns that projectiles could ignite it, which was proved false but the order was never recinded. It also added days to the production of each vehicle, as it required to dry.


Barium Sulfate - BaSO4 40%
Polyvinyl Acetate - PVA 25%
Pigment (Ochre) 15%
Zinc Sulfide - ZnS 10%
Sawdust 10%

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